Heading west blog: ants travel more efficiently

Melbourne to Perth is 16,731km? You betcha.

A blog about the crossing the Australian continent east to west, Melbourne to Perth via a few obscure routes, over a period of 15 months, on my trusty old mountain bike.

In retrospect the map of this trip looks as if it was designed by a wandering ant: Mawson Trail, Arkaroola, Oodnadatta, Finke, Tanami Track, Purnululu, Buntine Highway, Gregory National Park, Kakadu, Gibb River Road, Karijini, Esperance, Munda Biddi.

Don’t believe it, the tour had all been meticulously planned.

Do I sound convincing?

This trip started as a 3 month, maybe, transcontinental dawdle, to finish what I’d nibbled at on a Mildura to Ceduna fortnight at the tail end of the previous century.

Actually, that’s not entirely true, initially, the destination was Adelaide, via the Great Ocean Road, just in case my passion for life on the open road was discovered to be a momentary whim, a credible escape clause was required.

By the time I was nearing the end of the Mawson Trail, that fantastic purpose assembled 900 km mountain bike trail along the Flinders Ranges, the Dry Season to the north of the continent started to have major appeal.

There’s been only one main rule: I gotta make a Moderate Effort to see as much as possible. I’m not intending to travel this path again.

Others might see that there is a second rule as well: keep off the main roads.

But that’s just the way it turned out.

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Day 0 | it's 46.4ºC, (that's 115.5° Fahrenheit): Last day in Melbourne

0 km | Heading west total: 0 km

Don’t know why I had the urge to get into town.

Maybe it was the thought of some air conditioning. I’m not fiddling with David and Chris’s system where I’ve been staying.

Heading west blog begins here

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if this is the practice run: then I'm in big trouble

Day 0 | it's 46.4ºC, (that's 115.5° Fahrenheit): Last day in Melbourne

Day 1 | big first day to St Leonards: there's a bed at the end of the road tonight

Day 2 | Into a southerly gale to Torquay: and the start of the Great Ocean Road

Day 3 | In search of an affordable campsite: there's gotta be something cheaper than that!

Day 4 | a short hop into Kennett River: from a 100+km first day it's got to this

Day 5 | hanging round at Kennett River: my first rest day

Day 6 | through the Otways to Blanket Bay: close encounters of the reptilian kind

Day 7 | Cape Otway to Aire River: I start to realise these side roads are more fun

Day 8 | Sand Road to Johanna Beach: and I'm taking it really easy

Day 9 | Old Coach Road to Princetown: is this really a road?

Day 10 | home sweet home Peterborough: but not before I soak up the tourist attractions

Day 11 | not Warnambool, try Killarney Beach: in which the rider becomes particularly frustrated and bikes on

Day 12 | easy cruise into Port Fairy after yesterday: now I'm going to hang around for a few days

Day 13 | muttonbirds at Port Fairy: checking out the wildlife

Day 14 | doing nuttin day at Port Fairy: Rest day 2

Day 15 | blowing off to Sawpit: I finally give up on the commercial campsites

Day 16 | getting highly strung in Portland: turned out to be OK after all

Day 17 | the back roads to Pritchards: and I avoid the highway for another day

Day 18 | back to Nelson: and on to Mt Gambier

Day 19 | Blue Lake to Greenrise Lake, Penola: shazam, the lake has disappeared!

Day 20 | from Coonawarra down to Southend: but it was a slow start

Day 21 | lolling about in Southend: it's that kind of place

Day 23 | more not much in Southend: what else can you do?

Day 24 | Southend blue sky day: so it's summer

Day 25 | waiting for the rain in Southend: Rest Day, err, 4

Day 26 | off to another dry Lake George: yeah, about time I moved on

Day 27 | yeah, Old Man Lake: still blowing a gale

Day 28 | almost to Kingston: that's an achievement

Day 29 | Salt Creek campsite: after quite some scare

Day 30 | yes I’m in Wellington: that's Wellington, South Australia, not NZ

Day 31 | here in Macclesfield: after running into a few others on a bike

Day 32 | Adelaide: bonza!

Day 33 | Days off in Adelaide: a whole week in fact

Day 38 | Up a fire trail to Cudlee Creek: Day 1 on the Mawson and that's a hill

Day 39 | Through Mt Crawford forest: and I discover I am carrying far too much stuff in that BoB

Day 40 | into the Barossa Valley: try saying Nuriootpa

Day 41 | the Pines Reserve: more back tracks

Day 42 | almost to Auburn: not the biggest day

Day 43 | wobbling along to Sevenhills: 3 wineries is more than enough

Day 44 | stuck in the Clare Valley wine area: it's a long way to the Margaret River (that's my excuse)

Day 45 | still Piking around the Clare: yes, I know the valley ain't that long

Day 46 | Trouble on the way to Burra: Big trouble and a whole lotta luck

Day 47 | heading to the old Mt Bryant East school: a solitary bunk for the night

Day 48 | waiting at Hallett railway station: a second free bed for the night

Day 49 | along the Bundaleer Channel: but first a few hills to get over

Day 50 | I love Laura: the town, not the girl I have yet to meet

Day 51 | off to Melrose: brings back some childhood memories

Day 52 | up Mt Remarkable: having the day off

Day 53 | Quorn for the day: rumbling on

Day 54 | Quorn for another day: loading up at the Intercontinental

Day 55 | blown to the Warren Gorge: just a stray hill to climb

Day 56 | uphill to Wirreanda Creek: lobbing in a creek bed for the night

Day 57 | yes, it's Hawker: last town for a while

Day 58 | sickie in Hawker: say something, speak to me

Day 59 | having another sickie in Hawker: what else can you do?

Day 60 | on the set for the film "Holy Smoke": and a dusty couch to lie on

Day 61 | Pine Flat, Moralana Scenic Drive: slowly does it

Day 62 | entry to Flinders Range National Park: stopped a bit before the official campground

Day 63 | finally to Wilpena: trundles in

Day 64 | up St Marys Peak: on a high

Day 65 | up Mt Ohlssen-Bagge: just another day of slacking around

Day 66 | umm ... still at Wilpena: rest day number 3

Day 67 | it’s Middlesight Waters hut: another free bunk for the night

Day 68 | creek near Angorachino Station: no beer for you sonny

Day 69 | to Mt Chambers Gorge: goodbye any seal for a few days

Day 70 | Mt Chambers Gorge again: it's worth another day

Day 71 | across to Wetootla Gorge turnoff: not far from Arkaroola

Day 72 | finally Arkaroola in luxury: hey, clean(ish) sheets

Day 73 | doing things at Arkaroola: another night of (crummy) luxury

Day 74 | early stop at Italowie Gorge: you really couldn't go past

Day 75 | catch up at Iga Warta: hey, Ena's here

Day 76 | rain coming down at Iga Warta: I'm not moving

Day 77 | into the wind, Leigh Creek: plugging away for 6 hours

Day 78 | waiting for the shop, Leigh Creek: where else, the only warm place in town that's open: the pub

Day 79 | the last of the seal to Lyndhurst: the last of the modern world for a while

Day 80 | to start of the Oodnadatta Track at Marree: no more fluffing about

Day 81 | lowest point in Australia, Lake Eyre: but I'm on a (natural) high

Day 82 | warm spa in Coward Springs: 2 million year old water meets a smelly bloke

Day 83 | what’s in William Creek, nuttin: except for a squadron of small planes

Day 84 | Duff Creek is pretty quiet: time for a decent conflagration

Day 85 | can you say Algebuckina Bridge?: it's a biggy

Day 86 | civilisation at Oodnadatta: nice people but not much here

Day 87 | even more civilisation at Oodnadatta: and I check out the road for the next day's ride

Day 88 | stranded at Mt Sarah station: not much traffic out here, ie, none

Day 89 | Hamilton Station bushcamp: all fixed he continues on

Day 90 | swimming, sort of, at the Eringa waterhole: where's all this water come from

Day 91 | Coglin Creek bushcamp: hey, I'm in the Northern Territory

Day 92 | 20km from Finke: walking the bike for a while

Day 93 | stocking up at Finke then: towards the centre of Australia: Lambert Centre

Day 94 | a pointless detour to the centre of Australia: then out on the Kulgera Road

Day 95 | I make it to the Stuart Highway at Kulgera: but where's that shop? Oh, there isn't one

Day 96 | hitting the Stuart Highway to Erldunda: thankfully that's over

Day 97 | memories: revisiting the middle of the old Lasseter Highway

Day 98 | out on the Luritja Highway: hey there's people out here

Day 99 | heading up to Kings Canyon: just behind the No Camping sign, Watarrka NP

Day 100 | livin’ it up at Kings Canyon Resort: and catching up with strangers

Day 101 | a bushcamp on Mereenie Loop Rd: with 2 new biking companions

Day 102 | out in the middle of nowhere Mereenie Loop Rd: just the 3 of us (oh, we have a few friends drop in later)

Day 103 | just 3 blokes tredalling along: at Katapata Pass bushcamp for the night

Day 104 | we head off on different roads: I'm heading to Redbank Gorge, West Macdonnell National Park

Day 105 | time for a break: climbing a big hill instead

Day 106 | rolling off to Ellery waterhole, WMNP: back on the tarmac

Day 107 | finally to Alice Springs: time for some junk food x 2

Day 109 | Alice again: I like Annie's Place

Day 111 | daytrip to Ewaninga petroglyphs: gee, back on the bike again

Day 112 | full on winter in Alice: was a max of 10ºC today

Day 113 | off to Mt Chappell bore bushcamp: and the rain has finally stopped

Day 114 | broken down in Tilmouth: no, not the best start

Day 115 | I like Tilmouth (obviously): but back to Alice

Day 116 | 15km before Yuendumu: still on my lonesome

Day 117 | 35km past Yuendumu: but we spent most of the day in town

Day 118 | Chilla Well: out here in the spinifex country

Day 119 | 85km from Flat Rabbit: we're making great progress finally

Day 120 | to Flat Rabbit ... (Rabbit Flat): over halfway to Halls Creek

Day 121 | Flat Rabbit second night: having the day off, camping is $5 a night each

Day 122 | 40km from the WA border: we drag ourselves away from Bruce's crazy stories

Day 123 | 60km into WA: and chugging along

Day 124 | a solo Sturt Creek bushcamp: where did Seb end up?

Day 125 | at Wolfe Creek meteorite crater: after some unique cross country travel

Day 126 | 50 km north of the Wolfe Creek turnoff: last night on the Tanami

Day 127 | end of the Tanami Road: we finally end up in the pub

Day 128 | hanging round Halls Creek: and taking it easy

Day 129 | more Hall’s Creek: that'll be the third night

Day 130 | to Leycester’s Rest roadside camp: fair amount more traffic than the last many weeks

Day 131 | Purnululu NP Kurrajong camp: it's a great ride in despite the incredulous 4WDers

Day 132 | Purnululu NP Walardi camp: up to Echidna Gorge and down to the other campsite

Day 133 | Purnululu NP Walardi camp again: and a stranger appears

Day 134 | out to the Purnululu Road turnoff: heading back again to Halls Creek

Day 135 | back to Hall’s Creek: crossroad of the world

Day 136 | still at Halls Creek: getting ready for 16 days without a decent shop

Day 137 | at Caroline Pool bushcamp: 407km minus 17, ie, just 390km to go

Day 138 | Sawpit Creek bushcamp: love those waterholes

Day 139 | Cattle Creek bushcamp: and it's very quiet

Day 140 | swimming at Marella Waterhole: one of my favourite camp sites

Day 141 | second day at Marella Waterhole: have to make the most of great spots like this

Day 142 | near Mt Maiyo Station, Buntine Hwy: I thought I'd finally better make tracks

Day 143 | Broadarrow Track turnoff: ie cranking along

Day 144 | Kalkarindji Caravan Park: OK, so it's just a grassy area next to the only shop that the horses come to at night

Day 145 | Black Gin Camp, Mt Sanford Station: and I meet the local reptiles

Day 146 | into Paperbark Yard, Gregory National Park: you mean that's the track?

Day 147 | Dingo Yard, Gregory NP: 7.49 km/hour average speed for 5 hours

Day 148 | Top Humbert Yard, Gregory NP: I really enjoyed my 6 hours in the saddle today

Day 149 | Top Humbert Yard: another day, another little issue

Day 150 | Fig Tree Yard, Gregory NP: I'm actually making OK progress, considering

Day 151 | Limestone Gorge, Gregory NP: nothing like a road closed sign to have a campground to myself

Day 152 | Limestone Gorge again, Gregory NP: the best campground in the park is deserted so I stay another night

Day 153 | civilisation at Timber Creek: well, at least a shop and a shower

Day 154 | Joe Creek picnic area, Gregory NP: I just can't get out of this park

Day 156 | Flora River Nature Reserve turnoff: just head down the road for a few hundred metres and set up the tent

Day 157 | to Katherine to join a circus: something I always wanted to do

Day 158 | at Katherine showgrounds: cleanup and pig out day

Day 159 | Katherine showgrounds again: working at the show day 1

Day 160 | Katherine showgrounds more again: working at the show day 2

Day 161 | up to Nitmiluk National Park: home of the Katherine Gorge

Day 162 | long circuit back to Nitmiluk: 25km walk to Smitts Rock and back to the main campground

Day 163 | I like 8th Gorge, Nitmuluk NP: and it's not because I'm walking for a change

Day 164 | second night at 8th Gorge: when you are having a great time ...

Day 165 | back to Nitmuluk campground: a 22km wander

Day 166 | Kookaburra Backpackers, Katherine: hey, I can have the luxury of the occasional bed

Day 167 | heading to Edith Falls, Nitmiluk NP: I know, it's called the Stuart Highway

Day 168 | at Edith Falls for the day: with a 10 km walk to Sweetwater pool

Day 169 | ending up at Harriet Creek, Kakadu Highway: another bushcamp

Day 170 | at Kambolgie campsite, Kakadu NP: back on the dirt on the way to Koolpin Gorge

Day 171 | on the dirt to Koolpin Gorge: and sliding my bike under the locked gate

Day 172 | day at Koolpin Gorge: Just the 5.5 hour walk up the gorge today

Day 173 | back to Kambolgie campsite: there's some places you just have to go back to

Day 174 | up to Maguk, Kakadu NP: one of my favourite campsites

Day 175 | at the Maguk pools for the day: just floating around

Day 176 | Jim Jim Billabong & pest attacks: bitten twice on the same day

Day 177 | 50 km to Garnamarr: back on the dirt

Day 178 | up to Twin Falls for the day: scoring a ride with Graeme, Bernie, Tobin & Leonardo

Day 179 | Sandy Billabong: sounds ominous to the lone rider

Day 180 | the Burdbulba campsite to myself: except for the natives

Day 181 | heading to Merl campsite Kakadu: and a touch of civilisation

Day 182 | day at East Alligator River & Ubirr: just a day walking for a change

Day 183 | heading out of Kakadu: but still in crocland

Day 184 | I'm finally leaving Kakadu: after a good look around

Day 188 | Rest day 3 in Darwin: plenty of scurrying around and heart palpitations

Day 190 | on the road towards Litchfield NP: well ferry actually, at least to start

Day 191 | Finniss River bush camp: and peace at last

Day 192 | at Walker Creek, Litchfield NP: someone told me about this place about 6 months ago

Day 193 | 2nd night at Walker Creek: there's rockpools to splash about in

Day 194 | a wild night at Buley Rockholes: the drunken boys next door clear fell their campsite

Day 195 | at Crater Lake for the night: and great to get a decent sleep after last night's activities by the neighbours

Day 196 | just out of Hayes Creek: and trundling down the Stuart Highway

Day 197 | bushcamp on old Stuart Highway: better get used to this tar

Day 198 | Palm Court Backpackers: I spend the night in a bed

Day 199 | 30 km out of Katherine: after spending the arvo repairing the bike frame

Day 200 | near Bitumen Tank: after a day introducing myself to the local wildlife

Day 201 | Brownie Creek bushcamp: making tracks now

Day 202 | near Gregory’s Boab turnoff: camping on a small track 300m off the main road

Day 203 | in Speyed Cow Paddock: having a chat & beer with a local fencing contractor

Day 205 | over to Jarnum, Keep River NP: as the temperature continues to hover around 40ºC

Day 206 | lazing at Jarnum, Keep River NP: yes, a rest day, it's me birthday so I can

Day 207 | made it to Kununurra: time for a break

Day 209 and 210 | hiding from the heat in Kununurra: 2nd and 3rd rest days

Day 211 | down to Lake Kununurra via the long way: Ivanhoe Crossing, no worries mate

Day 212 | Mambi Island on the Ord River: down with the swarms of magpie geese

Day 213 | Wyndham, a night in civilisation: sort of

Day 214 | at the Prison Boab Tree (one of many): and I encounter a stray ornithologist on the road

Day 215 | on the banks of the Pentecost River: on quite some deserted road

Day 216 | Bindoola Creek waterhole: I'm on the Gibb River Road finally

Day 217 | can’t get enough of Bindoola Creek: so I hang in another day

camped at Jack's waterhole: and very appreciative too

Day 218 | not far to the Durack River waterhole today: so what's the big deal about the GRR

Day 219 | in a very dry Russ Creek: over 6 hours in the saddle to get this far today

Day 220 | some unnamed creek 90 km from Mt Barnett: I stop when I get to a decent water source

Day 221 | where’s Mt Barnett Gorge’s gorgeous gorge: looks more like a creekbed

Day 222 | Galvan Gorge bushcamp: after hanging around Mt Barnett Roadhouse to charge my camera batteries

Day 223 | near Adcock Gorge turnoff: yet another fabbo bush camp

Day 224 | Saddler Spring near Imintji: made it to a small shop and yet another waterhole

Day 225 | not so Silent Grove campground: just too many generators. That's why I prefer to camp on my lonesome

Day 226 | 15 km past Inglis Gap: another day, yet another gorge

Day 227 | 100 km to Derby on Gibb River Road: the road is improving both with scenery and condition

Day 228 | finally after 19 days: Derby: it's been quite an excursion

Day 229 | Derby on AFL Grand Final Day: a big day for those in Melbourne but not so much here

Day 230 | hot day in Derby with the feet up: a day to recover from the Grand Final

Day 231 | 20 km past the Fitzroy River crossing: the road is sealed

Day 232 | 60km from Broome: just a hop, skip and a jump really

Day 233 | finally the oasis: Broome, whooo hooo!!

Day 235 | day off in Broome: Tackling the parcel issue

Day 236 | setting up the bird nets in Broome: Rest day 3

Day 237 | bird strangling up the Broome coast: Rest day 4

Day 238 | heading to Cable Beach for a swim: Rest day 5

Day 239 | blog on day: sorting out the blog

Day 240 | a week in Broome: that means a week off from sitting on that bike

Day 241 | preparation for departing Broome: day 8

Day 242 | finally leaving Broome: out on the highway again

Day 243 | getting water at Goldwire rest area: just wait for an unsuspecting 4WDer

Day 244 | bush camp 70km from Sandfire: and I'm really enjoying it out here

Day 245 | 16 km past Sandfire roadhouse: dreaming of a steak sandwich unfortunately the roadhouse cafe has burnt down

Day 246 | only 70 km from Pardoo roadhouse: with a detour down to the Indian Ocean

Day 247 | at a dry Pardoo Creek, or is it a river?: only 2 roadhouses in 576 km

Day 248 | umm, the Port Hedland wasteland: he camps in the very middle of town, hidden under a tree

Day 249 | out of ghastly Port Hedland, just: after fluffing around in town for quite a few hours

Day 250 | camped at Bookingarra Creek: it's the middle of not much

Day 251 | washed up in Roebourne: it was as friendly a place as I'd been told

Day 252 | off the bike around Roebourne: and down to the sea for a swim

Day 253 | Karratha/Dampier highway turnoff roadhouse: I'm about to set off for the interior

Day 254 | near Gecko siding Millstream Chichester NP: on a brand new sealed road no one knows has been built

Day 255 | Murlamunyjunha/Crossing Pool: and I avoid more traffic by ignoring the road closed sign

Day 256 | near Watthanganya Bluff: as I continue on my almost solitary road now turned to dust

Day 257 | 10km past Wittenoom turnoff: it's very hot and I take a 3 hour snooze under a tree

Day 258 | Hamersley Gorge carpark, Karijini NP: it can be difficult to camp legally when you don't have fast transport

Day 259 | near west entrance station, Karijini NP: ducking in and out of the park

Day 260 | Weano Gorge carpark, Karijini NP: can't get out of these carparks

Day 261 | Dales Camp overflow, Karijini NP: the ranger tells me to camp at the free site (on my own)

Day 262 | 10km past east entrance, Karijini NP: that's it for the park

Day 263 | 85km from Newman: just one day to go

Day 264 | after 12 days it’s civilisation at Newman: actually it's a mining service town with limited civilisation

Day 265 | a hot day in Newman: a good day to take a break

Day 266 | another hot day in Newman: Rest day 2

Day 267 | heading to Ophthalmia Dam: just a bit of a detour, I'm no closer to Kal

Day 268 | 78km from Kumarina Roadhouse: out on the (sealed) Great Northern Highway again

Day 269 | across the road from Kumarina Roadhouse: now a 255km stretch with no services or water to traverse

Day 270 | near Gascoyne River, south branch: there's 2 nights out without water replenishment

Day 271 | 55km from Meekatharra: ie, nowhere much

Day 272 | so what’s in Meekatharra: answer: not a lot

Day 273 | another day in Meekatharra: with a tour of the major sights

Day 274 | 10km past Killara Station turnoff: meeting the local insects

Day 275 | 45km from Wiluna and some rain: the skies are generally getting threatening in the evenings

Day 276 | 45km past Wiluna: but I made the most of the general store supplies

Day 277 | camping at the dry Lake Miranda: and memories from another age

Day 278 | the Agnew Road, then Leinster: or, how to turn an easy day into something else

Day 279 | Leinster, day 1: no bike today

Day 280 | Leinster, day 2, not much happening: No bike today either

Day 281 | Sullivan Creek: starting to get gold fever

Day 282 | 45km from Menzies: and the skies continue to look threatening

Day 283 | bushcamp 70km from Kalgoorlie: and looking forward to a choice of supermarkets

Day 284 | suddenly it's Kalgoorlie: 30,000 miners and me

Day 285 | getting to the Super Pit in Boulder: and just biking around town

Day 286 | hanging out in Kal for another day: riding the bike without the trailer for a change

Day 287 | lazy day to The Gorge at Coolgardie: I was to Coolgardie by 10 am and managed another 3 km

Day 288 | still 50 km to Norseman: another fork in the road

Day 289 | another bush camp 50 km past Norseman: I decide to go the long way to Esperance

Day 290 | I didn’t find Newman Rocks in the end: just stayed there

Day 291 | 40 km down the road near Nanambinia: now that's pretty obscure

Day 292 | heading to Deralinya Homestead: and a (dusty) bed for the night

Day 293 | day off at Deralinya Homestead: it’s Saturday but I’m taking it off

Day 294 | more time in the sun at Deralinya Homestead: I’ll have today off as well

Day 295 | 30 km from Condingup: and I hit the seal again

Day 296 | luxury at Orleans Bay caravan park: I've hit the ocean again

Day 297 | down to a windswept Le Grand Beach: it's great to see the water again

Day 298 | 24 km along the beach to Esperance: maybe the best day's riding ever

Day 300 | settling into Esperance: time for a slow weekend

Day 302 | on the phone in Esperance: actually, just a bit too much phone for one day

Day 318 | blown away by Esperance: I'm feeling quite comfy

Day 321 | a day on the beach: a big day to climb a hill

Day 329 | and so another year begins: some reflection on the year gone and the year ahead

Day 332 | 46ºC+: we’re cookin’

Day 333 | bike maintenance: choice of $320 vs $78

Day 335 | not another 40ºC+ day (104ºF): well, it is summer

Day 336 | cloudy after some rain: don't you know it's supposed to be summer?

Day 338 | cleaning up this town: someone has to do it

Day 343 | a fun day in Cape Le Grande National Park: now that’s long overdue

Day 346 | another day here in Paradise: Tony and his love for antiques

Day 347 | back to work for a change: hey, more windows to do

Day 348 | Bandy Creek: & Antonio falls in love with a seal

Day 349 | rain forecast, but the sun shines on: heading off to Twilight Beach for the 13th time

Day 353 | Catching up on conversation: we do go on a bit

Day 360 | watching those waves roll in: and some more characters appear

Day 362 | the day starts well: but later I stop my smiling

Day 364: A year on the road but no great celebration

Day 365 | Embarking on year 2: no sentimentality here

Day 366 | better do something constructive: time to research those cycling pioneers

Day 367 | more on the pioneers: Plenty Picture Man

Day 376 | Summer is coming to a conclusion: but still time for a few more swims in the surf

Day 386 | swimming at Twilight Beach again?: no, watching a couple of sharks

Day 392 | too much sitting around: leads to way too much philosophy for one day

Day 401 | meeting more great characters: Harry turns up and tells a few strange episodes from his life

Day 402 | Guy on a trike: last day in Esperance

Day 403 | 105 nights: the joys of Espie yet again

moving along: he finds a dirt road after 40kms

Day 404 | moving along: he finds a dirt road after 40kms

Day 406 | camping at Munglinup Inlet: a day spent walking on a windswept beach

Day 407 | Starvation Bay: time for a feast

Day 408 | along the winding road to Hopetoun: yes, a real shop and a public power outlet

Day 409 | Hamersley Inlet: time for a few bumps

Day 410 | Old Ongerup Road: and listening to kangaroos sprioonnggg into the fence at night

Day 411 | out on Quiss Road: it blows, drizzles and gets colder

Day 412 | getting into Point Ann: a long day's journey into (almost) night

Day 413 | hanging around Point Ann: day 1 of not much

Day 414 | Still at Point Ann: I walk the beach and tuck in for a third night

Day 415 | Gordon Inlet: when the standard level of Moderate Effort is exceeded

Day 416 | Arriving Bremer Bay: time (and weather) for washing and charging batteries

Day 417 | To Beaufort Inlet: what? another campsite right on the water?

Day 418 | A day at Beaufort Inlet: now the body is recharged and the weather clears

Day 419 | Cape Riche clifftop: a day in which he spends 3.5 hours in a shelter as the rain belts down

Day 420 | Gnowellen Road near Stirling Ranges National Park: a quiet night on my lonesome

Day 421 | Out on the Salt River Road: actually at Camel Lake Nature Reserve but with grey kangaroos

Day 422 | Carbarup Road: halfway between Kendenup and Mt Barker, ie, absolutely nowhere

Day 423 | Steike Road bushcamp: continuing down the S bend of my travels

Day 424 | off to the coast again: Two Peoples Bay had a few more than the number subscribed

Day 425 | edging ever closer to Albany: the pedal collapses, I collapse, at the Kalgan River

Day 426 | Albany backpackers and that long awaited bed: 23 days later

Day 427 | Albany again: totally connected

Day 428 | Cosy Corner Beach East: so long bed, he's back out in nature

Day 429 | Denmark/ Nornalup Rail trail: my own non highway trail

Day 430 | further along the Denmark/ Nornalup Railway Trail: loving riding off that highway

Day 431 | Chesapeake Road: doing another cross country, this time through the forest

Day 432 | Malcolm McDonald Rest Area just north of Northcliffe: another bush camp deep in the woods

Malcolm McDonald Rest Area just north of Northcliffe: another bush camp deep in the woods

Day 433 | 7km past Pemberton: out in the 1931 forest regrowth

Day 434 | Just off Stewart Road: after a terminated excursion into more remote forest tracks

Day 435 | Out on the Augusta Busselton Heritage Trail: a bush camp amongst Dave's Blue gum forest

Day 436 | Cresswell Road Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park: still out in the bushes

Day 437 | Boranup campsite in Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park: don't know where those naturalists are hiding ... too wet maybe

Day 438 | Point Road campsite Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park: not so much riding but plenty of walking

Day 439 | Margaret River Cowararup Rail Trail: camping on a deep mattress of needles

Day 440 | Quininup Road bushcamp: another soft bed of casuarina needles

Day 441 | End of the Dunsborough Bike Trail at Toby's Inlet: how come it doesn't go all the way to Busselton

Day 442 | Cundinup Road: sort of near Nannup but heading towards Kulikup

Day 443 | Greenbushes Boyup Brook Road: yup, still out in those green bushes

Day 444 | Dinninup Showground: still heading east through those hills

Day 445 | Boyup Brook Kojonup Road: he finds some more roadside shelter with a picnic table

Day 446 | Bridgetown Caravan Park: via the scenic route

Day 448 | Bridgetown Jarrah Park Brockman Highway: still taking my time

Day 449 | Bibilup Siding, Sidings Rail Trail: starting on the Munda Biddi Trail

Day 450 | Nala Mia campsite, Munda Biddi Trail at Jarrahwood: continuing slowly, yes, very slowly

Day 451 | Near Donnybrook: munching on muesli for dinner due to a water shortage

Day 452 | Crooked Brook Forest picnic area: still searching out those picnic tables

Day 453 | Nglang Boodja shelter: lots of manhandling the bike and some laying down on the job

Day 454 | Just short of Collie: camping with the grasstrees

Day 455 | Yarri Shelter: peace and quiet disappears as 10 people turn up

Day 456 | Collie Road: I'm on the top of a hill a long way from anywhere

Day 457 | Bidjar Ngoulin Shelter, Munda Biddi Trail: alone again for a rather cold night

Day 458 | Marrinup camping area: and for the first time in a while he stops early

Day 459 | Dandalup Shelter Munda Biddi Trail: sharing with a group from a private school

Day 460 | almost to Jarrahdale: still hiding away in the forest

Day 461 | Wungong Shelter: just having an easy, easier, day of it

Day 462 | Carinyah Shelter: yeah, the last night on the Munda Biddi Trail

Day 463 | Statham Wetland on the Heritage Rail Trail: finally off the Munda Biddi

Day 464 | finally rolling into Perth 464 days later: you mean Perth, Western Australia?

Sometime later in Perth: more of the same happening each day

Hanging around in Perth: and I'll be here for a while