Day 227 | 100 km to Derby on Gibb River Road: the road is improving both with scenery and condition

90 km | Heading west total: 10,259 km

Some days a Moderate Effort is exactly that.

I turned off the main road and started heading the 23 km towards Windjana National Park.

OK, I was already lukewarm about it.

You can see freshwater crocs there. Oh yeah.

Nice walks. Don’t really need the exercise.

Can’t swim there due to the saurian menace. Umm.

Lots of tourists camping. Generators to watch TV and have the caravan air conditioning on.

National Park means rangers checking that fees have been paid. It’s an OK gorge, quite pretty.

45 minutes down the road I’d got about 6 km. The road was worse than anything on the main Gibb River Road: soft and corrugated from side to side. 10 4WDers had screamed by leaving me in the dust.

It’s 18 days since I left Kununurra. Somehow I found that I had turned around and started smiling again.

Now only one more bush camp in the middle of nowhere before I hit Derby.