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four ebooks | cycle trails Australia

Four bike touring ebooks

Here are four ebooks with tales from bike touring across Australia for your reading pleasure, with links to Amazon where they can be purchased.

These ebooks are heavily based on various blogs from this website,, but the writing has been rearranged, edited and new linking passages have been written. You can read them for free on the actual online blogs but if you want a free-standing version to read anywhere, using the Kindle app, you can download them by clicking on the images below.

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Heading West | the first bike touring ebook

Heading West | an almost epic trip across Australia, ebook

My first 65,000 word ebook is the product of a 464 day blog from my initial east to west crossing of the Australian continent on a bicycle.

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Munda Biddi Roller Coaster | the second, shortish, ebook

Munda Biddi Roller Coaster, ebook image

Just to set the scene, the Munda Biddi Trail is a mountain bike trail that starts 35 km north east of Perth and at the time headed south for 497 km, as far as the small town Nannup. Yes, it’s a roller coaster and cuts through some surprisingly uninhabited territory, considering the proximity to the 1.6m population of Perth.

No traffic. Big jarrah tree forest. Free accommodation. Big watertanks. Not many, often make that no, others on the track.


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zzOz | zig zag across Australia | the third bike touring ebook unleashed

zzOz | zig zag across Australia, ebook image

The return intercontinental bike voyage was planned in three stages.

Part One: drop down from Perth to Vale Leeuwin the south west extremity to Australia.
Part Two: a diagonal slash through the heart of the landscape to Cape York, the northern-most point.
Part the Third: Drop down to Wilsons Promontory, the southern point.

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The Last 100 km is the Hardest | the fourth bike touring ebook

The Last 100km is the Hardest, ebook image

This trip is the final 2% of a series of five long distance bike tours following my realisation some time ago that without much in life’s Commitment Department — my relationship had spectacularly combusted and longstanding jobs were nearing completion — there was a decision to be made: migrate back to New Zealand, or, end up in Oz permanently.

The Last 100 km, Bike Tour The Fourth, is the tale of a slow, meandering, bike journey from Auckland to Nelson in New Zealand and some thoughts about the reasons for bike touring in general, and what it means to return home.

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