Audio book: Tales from the trails

There's been plenty of memorable experiences while zig-zagging across the Australian continent, and back, on an old mountain bike over the course of a few years.

This audiobook is distilled from hundreds of pages of blogs on this website, mostly from the parts of the trip where there's Big Trouble, or meeting whacky characters, or something amusing has happened, or some random WTF moment along the way, and read in mellifluous tones by the author.

You gotta say the world out there is an entertaining place.

There's only one chapter to start, just to give a flavour of what's to come, the aim is for about 25 chapters eventually.

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Chapter 14 | Esperance Tales: Down at the beach for a whole long summer

Contents: Finally a flat tyre, I roll into town down a 24km long beach, then meet a whole assortment of interesting, one way or another, fellow travellers.

The Setting: Four months over a long summer in the attractive beachside town of Esperance, on the South Coast of Western Australia, 800 km east of Perth.

Chapter 14 length: 29 minutes. divider

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