How to support the cycle trails Australia website


There's been plenty of effort put into creating the site and trying to keep it up to date, there's more than 900 pages here, so it's gratifying that fellow treadlers have found this information useful, or entertaining, or, some have said, inspiring.

Two things with this website …

  1. 1. It's designed as a seamless user experience. No pagination for extra useless clicks. No paywalls, etc. Everything is there purely for your information mining pleasure.

  2. 2. No ads.

I'm not interested, much, in crummy ad-supported information. There's a huge conflict of interest when you are trying to flog stuff. So, this site is funded purely by donations.

Pay what you want.

Spot the value, give whatever value you see.

The concept is to incentivise integrity and encourage the serious, worthwhile stuff. Reckon this website delivers, there's no other in Australia like it.

If you are worried, well, the online payment process is quick, straightforward and uses the fully secure Paypal system.

Doesn't take too long and is highly appreciated at the other end. Everyone likes to feel appreciated if they have put in the work.

The orange button, down there, takes you directly to their majorly secure server.

Many thanks for whatever you can contribute.

GJ Coop | 13 July 2021 divider