3 bike touring blogs

Check out some thoughts and tales from bike touring on some remote roads of Australia

The last blog, zzOz, is from a bike tour from Perth to Melbourne via Cape Leeuwin, WA, Cape York, Queensland, and Wilsons Prom, Victoria: the bizarre trajectory with a 5 month stop in Alice Springs.

Munda Biddi rollercoaster, a second look at the fabbo mountain bike trail that was then only open from Mundaring near Perth to Nannup, from a couple of stray weeks from my time in Perth.

Heading West is from a 15 month westward progression from Melbourne to Perth.

Occasionally the blogs may mention what I had for breakfast, or whether I was grinding up hills, or whizzing down ‘em, but mainly they are a daily rave about random events or the casual bumps up against the disparate patchwork of the human race that exploring the world on a bike brings.

Clicking on the thumbnail or highlighted words below will take you to the first entry of each tour.

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zzOz blog: zig zag across Oz

A blog with tales from zig zagging eastwards back across Australia from Perth to Melbourne via various obscure Outback roads.

zzOz blog begins here

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Munda Biddi roller coaster blog: single track is the game

Near Dandenup Shelter, Munda Biddi Trail.

The Munda Biddi is one huge, fun, ride, with plenty of sweat, toil, and hardship thrown in.

Long single-track stretches. No traffic. Big Jarrah tree forest. Free accommodation. Big water tanks. Not many, often make that no, others on the track.


Munda Biddi rollercoaster blog begins here

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Heading west blog: ants travel more efficiently

Melbourne to Perth is 16,731km? You betcha.

A blog about crossing the Australian continent east to west, Melbourne to Perth via a few obscure routes, over a period of 15 months.

In retrospect, the map of this trip looks as if it was designed by a wandering ant: Mawson Trail, Arkaroola, Oodnadatta, Finke, Tanami Track, Purnululu, Buntine Highway, Gregory National Park, Kakadu, Gibb River Road, Karijini, Esperance, Munda Biddi.

Don’t believe it, the tour had all been meticulously planned.

Do I sound convincing?

Heading west blog begins here