zzOz blog: zig zag across Oz

A blog with tales from zig-zagging eastwards back across Australia from Perth to Melbourne via various obscure Outback roads on a magnificent old hardtail mountain bike.

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The man has a plan: those who know me, don't laugh too much

Cape to Cape to Prom map

There is a vast simplicity to The Plan. 

It does have certain issues however.

That route avoids major roads and even minor towns. It ventures through deserts and over water, ie the Gulf of Carpentaria. Better to point out that red line is just the concept, the actual route will be more like my usual drunken ant trail weaving all over the countryside. (And I can just about guarantee that little or no kayaking will be involved.)

A simple, but good plan.

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Training: that whole preparation regime

Oh, no! a little procrastination: ie postponement of departure

Might be going later, rather than sooner: but being an independent type, I'm going solar

Weight problems: looks like a severe diet is called for

Decisions made, people informed: date shuffled, finally fixed

Mountains, mountains, mountains: and I haven't even left the bedroom

Day 1 | Near Bullsbrook: 50km an hour winds make for a slow start

Day 2 | Lower Chittering: but it's actually at the top of a hill

Day 3 | 10km past Toodyay: it's been an up, up, down and up sort of day

Day 4 | Avon River near York: sometimes you just happen on an OK campsite

Day 5 | York Williams Road: hey! back on the dirt

Day 6 | Stuck in the same forest again: why move when it's coming down?

Day 7 | Congelin Dam: didn't quite expect it to be an old 4.25 million gallon capacity railway relic

Day 8 | Williams Collie road: just a sort of nowhere much camp

Day 9 | Williams Collie road: just a bit further on

Day 10 | On the road to Donnybrook: more obscure roads in the south west WA

Day 11 | Jarrahwood: been here so often, almost feels like going home

Day 12 | Jarrahwood again: hanging around, just like those roos

Day 13 | Dunsborough: down at the Indian Ocean again

Day 14 | Near Margaret River: but not being detained in so many wineries this time round

Day 15 | Point Road campsite: deep in the heart of Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park

Day 16 | Point Road campsite: waiting for the predicted cold front to hit

Day 17 | Glenarty Road, past Augusta: Stage One knocked off after 17 days

Day 18 | Coronation Road: a 2km granny cog hill climb to complete the day's riding

Day 19 | Muir Highway: 2 hours past Manjimup

Day 20 | Muir Highway: with a rainbow over the Frankland River

Day 21 | Nornalup Road: deep in Frankland River National Park

Day 22 | Nornalup Road: sitting still, reading a book as the rain comes, mostly, down

Day 23 | Cosy Corner Beach: and cosy indeed with the rain coming down

Day 24 | Albany backpackers: What's that? A bed?

Day 25 | Albany backpackers: 3 nights for cost of 2, lucky

Day 26 | Chester Pass Road: not quite to Stirling Range National Park

Day 27 | Jerramungup Road rest area: Hey, that's a different rest area on successive nights

Day 28 | Unnamed lake near Lake Pingrup: 10 km past the locality Pingrup, if you were wondering

Day 29 | Lake Grace North Road: day's riding cut short by, well, a few things

Day 30 | Near Hyden: almost out into the badlands

Day 31 | Near The Humps: a day of running around on granite rocks of the large variety

Day 32 | More Humps: on the 7th day he rested

Day 33 | Near Narembeen: been there, done that

Day 34 | Merredin, Central Wheat Belt: one look in the mirror, time for some hot water

Day 35 | Sandford Rocks: yeah, more of these lumps

Day 36 | Baladjie Rock: Oh, trouble, trouble, trouble on the track

Day 37 | Baladjie Rock: contemplation time

Day 38 | Baladjie Rock: Rule 3 applied, Don't Rush

Day 39 | Southern Cross: the whole road show hobbles into town, back wheel wobbly

Day 40 | Retreat to Perth: the occasional breakdown can bring a surprising day

Day 41 | Perth: getting a few things done, and off my chest

Day 42 | Lake Koorkoordine: actually not so far from Southern Cross

Day 43 | Chiddarcooping Hill: that's in Chiddacooping Nature Reserve

Day 44 | Elachbutting rock: not quite as remote as expected

Day 45 | Wialki: the tent fly's up in the doorless, abandoned, primary school

Day 46 | Beacon, yes that's a township: still haven't seemed to get going

Day 47 | Dalwallinu Kalannie Road: Finally found some roadside shrubbery

Day 48 | Buntine Rocks: actually a tiny rock with great views on the top of a hill

Day 49 | Caron Nature Reserve: I'm starting to find a certain affinity with the NR

Day 50 | Pintharuka Rest Area: no nature reserves around tonight

Day 51 | Canna Nature Reserve: about, err, 50km short of today's objective

Day 52 | Wilroy Nature Reserve: raining or a cloudless sky, who can predict

Day 53 | Near Pindaring Rocks: out on the Carnarvon Mullewa Road, ie, starting to get remote

Day 54 | Ballinyoo Bridge, Murchison River: the river might be flowing, but you don't need to salt your porridge

Day 55 | Murchison Settlement caravan park: the patch of grass out behind the roadhouse

Day 56 | Near Breberie Lake: out on the Carnarvon Mullewa Road

Day 57 | Bilung Pool, North Wooramel River: meeting place for raucous parrots

Day 58 | Bilung Pool: Paradise, I made it

Day 59 | Bilung Pool again: Water, silence, well of a kind when you shut out the continual parrot racket

Day 60 | Congo Creek: it might be the Congo but, surprise, there's absolutely no water

Day 61 | Jimba Jimba Station: somewhere out on the Carnarvon Mullewa Road

Day 62 | Rocky Pool: the pool is more akin to a lake

Day 63 | More Rocky Pool: a day perched on the edge of the water

Day 64 | Carnarvon: down on Olivia Street

Day 65 | Carnarvon again: and for a while more, here in Paradise

Day 67 | Carnarvon Day 3: and still a few more days hanging around

Day 68 | Carnarvon Day 4: gee, 4 days already, I feel I just got here

Day 69 | Where else? Carnarvon: finding other things to do

Day 73 | Last night in Carnarvon: enjoy that mattress boy

Day 74 | Boologooro Station, North west Coastal Highway: another evening, another bushcamp

Day 75 | Tropic of Capricorn Exmouth Road: he's finally gone troppo

Day 76 | Coral Bay backpackers: actually the Ningaloo Reef Resort

Day 77 | Ningaloo Beach Resort: if it's an upmarket backpackers why are those showers briny

Day 78 | Ningaloo Beach Resort: just, sort of, hanging out really

Day 79 | Ningaloo Beach Resort again: my world turns to salt

Day 80 | Near the top, bottom?, of the Exmouth Gulf: back out in the bushes

Day 81 | Near Charles Knife Road: just down on the beach, 25km from Exmouth

Day 82 | Blue Reef Backpackers: a room to myself tonight, just "pretend" you snore loudly

Day 83 | Yardie Homestead Caravan Park: he takes the easy option and checks in to paid accommodation

Day 84 | Yardie Homestead Caravan Park: tootling down the coast for the day

Day 85 | More Yardie Homestead Caravan Park: gunna be hard to leave the beachcomber lifestyle

Day 86 | Yardie Homestead Caravan Park: another perfect day

Day 88 | Yardie Homestead Caravan Park: just bogged down here in Paradise

Day 89 | Yardie Homestead Caravan Park: yes, another day

Day 90 | Back to Exmouth: just breezing it in

Day 91 | On the shore of the Exmouth Gulf: Finally making tracks for the interior

Day 92 | Girala Station, Burkett Road: holiday over, the real journey begins

Day 93 | Emu Creek Station, Towera Road: finding a spot to camp in the spinifex in a drainage channel

Day 94 | Lyndon Station, out on the Lyndon Towera Road: another bush camp watching a beautiful orange sunset

Day 95 | Mangaroon Station, Lyndon Minnie Creek Road: just a solitary other traveller encountered today out on the road

Day 96 | Lyons River, on the Cobra Gifford Creek Road: might be a river but don't think there's any water

Day 97 | Mt Augustus Station: and just over there, ie, 25 km away, that mountain

Day 98 | Cattle Pool, Mt Augustus National Park: those No Camping signs only refer to caravans, right?

Day 99 | Cattle Pool again: and on the 9th Day he rested

Day 100 | Mt Augustus Station, Landor Mt Augustus Road: that's if I'm not blown back to Kansas

Day 101 | Landor Station, Landor Mt Augustus Road: more encounters with flies and ants

Day 102 | Mt Gould Police Station: I'll point out it's a historic building no longer operational

Day 103 | Belele Station bush camp: I finally find an ant free campsite

Day 104 | Meekatharra Caravan Park: all night lights, road trains rattling past, dogs barking

Day 105 | MCP: he puts his feet up after spending time washing them

Day 106 | MCP: starting to warm up

Day 107 | Barlangi Rock, Meekatharra Sandstone Road: What? Camping at another one of those rocks

Day 108 | Lake Mason Station, Meekatharra Sandstone Road: camping out in the Goldfields once again

Day 109 | Depot Springs, Agnew Sandstone Road: just a fun afternoon out on the highway

Day 110 | Leinster Caravan Park: back in some old familiar territory

Day 111 | Leinster Caravan Park once again: the laziest day in living memory

Day 112 | Near Sullivans Creek, Goldfields Highway: just a day plugging along the tarmac

Day 113 | Malcolm Dam, near Leonora: finally striking out due east

Day 114 | Leonora Laverton Road bushcamp: you just use one of those minor tracks off the side of the road

Day 115 | Deba gnamma (rock) hole: after a slight diversion to Laverton

Day 116 | The Pines: not actually pines of course, they are Casuarinas

Day 117 | No particular place on the Great Central Road: a short day was called

Day 118 | Beegull Rockholes and caves: well almost, camped on the old road nearby

Day 119 | Another night, another gravel pit: who cares when the weather is great and the campsite A1

Day 120 | Tjukayirla Roadhouse: well, across the road to save $20

Near Parallel No 1 Road, Great Central Road: but might be closer to Parallel No 2 Road

Day 121 | Near Baker Lake turnoff: not that many vehicles appear to choose that route

Day 122 | Near the Heather Highway turnoff: I'm getting to like camping on bits of old road

Day 123 | Elder Creek bushcamp: yes, it's really a creek, it's even flowing

Day 124 | Warburton Caravan Park: not so far today

Day 125 | More Warburton: hey, civilisation isn't so bad after all

Day 126 | Another gravel pit: no other distinguishing features anywhere close

Day 127 | Another gravel pit, near Tjulun Waterhole: you might want to know

Day 128 | 36 km from Warrakurna Roadhouse: just a stroll in tomorrow

Warrakurna Roadhouse: Yeah, time for another shower

Day 129 | Giles Creek, I think: a (dry) creek and distant hills, finally

Day 130 | Edging closer to the border: the weather closes in

Day 131 | Lasseter's Cave, at least nearby: He's finally left WA

Day 132 | Somewhere past Irving Creek: looks like I'm beyond where Lassiter died back in 1931

Day 133 | 6 km outside the National Park: that's Uluru-Kata Tjuta NP

Day 134 | Yulara campground: civilisation makes its appearance

Day 135 | Yulara Campground: time for a break

Day 136 | Yulara Campground: one more day before the road

Day 137 | Lasseter Highway, Mulga Park Road turnoff: fences both sides doesn't make for easy camping

Day 138 | Near some Red Bluff, Luritja Road: better get those wet things dry

Day 139 | Watarrka National Park Boundary: hey, that's an old familiar campsite

Day 140 | Kings Canyon Resort campground: it's not supposed to be raining like this, ie, continuously

Day 141 | Larapinta Drive, somewhere in the gloom: rain, rain, more rain

Day 142 | Larapinta Drive, a bit further: now I remember the Mereenie Loop

Day 143 | Near Gosse Bluff: is that the pitta, patta of rain on the tent?

Day 144 | Ridgetop campground, Redbank Gorge: that's in the West MacDonnell National Park

Day 145 | Ridgetop campground again: a day off, time for a walk up a hill

Day 146 | Ellery Big Hole camping ground, WMNP: back to the best swimming south of Buley Rockholes

Day 147 | Alice: time for a break

Day 152 | Alice: sliding into the civilisation groove

Day 170 | A day trip to an Alice tourist sight: time for a quickish spin on the bike

Day 176 | Floating around in Alice: I'm getting to like the sniff of this town

Day 199 | On the move, just around the corner: silence is golden

Day 204 | End of the year: the wheel turns, sort of

Day 247 | Midway through my time in Alice: a working bike but more replacement bits required

Day 261 | passing the days in Alice: just getting stuck into the muck

Day 267 | Surprises keep coming: the long awaited Wiggle parcels arrive

Day 272 | Getting to grips with Alice: only 4 more weeks of work, yippee

Day 281 | Off to the source: a short trip to the actual springs, ie, Alice Springs

Day 288 | Out into the light: preparing for departure

Day 292 | Back training: but do I really need to practise night riding?

Day 299 | Wallaby Gap: marching off on the Larapinta

Day 300 | Simpson's Gap: been here a few times in recent months

Day 301 | Mulga Camp: out on my lonesome again

Day 302 | Jay Creek: cooking by gas

Day 303 | More Jay Creek: rest those feet

Day 304 | Stanley Chasm: looks more impressive from the top

Day 305 | Brinkley Bluff: on top of the world

Day 306 | Birthday Waterhole: another OK campsite

Day 307 | Fringed Lily Creek: some company tonight

Day 308 | Hugh Gorge campsite: beaut day after the rain.

Day 309 | Rocky Gully campsite: a relaxing arvo after a longish walk

Day 310 | Ellery Creek Big Hole: end of the Larapinta for me

Day 311 | Back in Alice: a few days before blast off

Day 314 | Last day in Alice: finally

Day 315 | riding days can have a few surprises: sometimes not good

Day 318 | Bluff campsite, Trephina Gorge: finally on my way

Day 319 | Bluff campsite: climb every mountain

Day 320 | Bluff campsite: yeah, still here

Day 321 | 5 km past Arltunga: on the road to Ambalindum

Day 322 | Near The Garden: no Cattlewater Pass for you, sonny

Day 323 | Ongeva Creek: Yay, finally made the Plenty Highway

Day 324 | Entire Creek: entire, except for the water

Day 325 | First Up Bore: the neighbours, cows, are a little rowdy

Day 326 | Somewhere near Mt Cornish: not many landmarks here

Day 327 | Algamba Creek: water, but not many miles

Day 328 | Some unknown bore: just past Heartbreak Bore

Day 329 | Just over the Queensland border: so long NT

Day 330 | Near Pituri Creek crossing: another cloudless day

Day 331 | Georgina River crossing: yeah, that's actual water down there

Day 332 | Georgina River again: feet up day

Day 333 | Waterhole 35km from Boulia: Noisy joint actually

Day 334 | Boulia Caravan Park: down on the Burke River

Day 336 | Hamilton Hotel ruins: the generator drones on

Day 337 | Chilton Hills Station: out on my lonesome

Day 338 | Mackunda Creek: nice stretch of waterhole

Day 339 | 18 km from Lark Quarry: almost Dinosaurland

Day 340 | 40 km north of Lark Quarry: Dinosaurs!

Day 341 | Long Waterhole, Winton: I'm Waltzing Matilda

Day 342 | Long Waterhole, Winton: Full of bull

Day 344 | Pelican Caravan Park, Winton: Pelican? Wot the …

Day 345 | Corfield Sports Club: great free campsite

Day 346 | Warianna Creek: camped behind the only bush for miles

Day 347 | Allan Terry Caravan Park: that's Hughenden

Day 348 | Allan Terry Caravan Park: it's raining finally

Day 350 | Pyramid campsite: out in Porcupine National Park

Day 351 | Louisa Lake, Hann Highway: nice

Day 352 | Unnamed creek: somewhere past Bundock Creek

Day 353 | Near Lava Plains Station: where's the tropical part of Tropical North Queensland

Day 354 | Travellers Rest CP: that's Mt Garnet

Day 355 | Herberton/Atherton turnoff: via the back road, obviously

Day 356 | Ray's place, Speewah: hills, rain, fog

Day 357 | Ray's Place, Speewah: on the verandah actually

Day 359 | Ray's Place: exercise of the on foot variety

Day 360 | Some Cairns backpacker: it's got bike parking

Day 361 | Some Cairns backpacker: let's get that bike fixed

Day 362 | Some Cairns backpacker: the years go by

Day 363 | Some Cairns backpacker: the people you meet

Day 367 | Some Cairns backpacker: last night in civilisation

Day 368 | Dougies, Port Douglas: Gee, those tents are packed in

Day 369 | Dougies, Port Douglas: jungle in the town

Day 370 | Dougies, Port Douglas: yeah, another day here

Day 371 | Wonga Beach: just sorta nestled in by the beach

Day 372 | PKs Jungle Resort, Cape Tribulation: well, why not?

Day 373 | PKs Jungle Resort, Cape Tribulation: climb every mountain

Day 374 | Weary Beach: yeah, well named

Day 375 | Cooktown Caravan Park: but don't expect to use any power, sonny

Day 376 | 3 km past Endeavour Falls: bush camping behind that long grass

Day 376 | Starcke Station homestead: well, sort of

Day 377 | Starcke River bushcamp: now this is getting plenty wild

Day 378 | Almost at Howick River: no water there anyway

Day 379 | Near Old Kalpowar: a day of two halves

Day 380 | Hann River crossing: no crocs in evidence here

Day 381 | Musgrave roadhouse: finally joined the mainstream

Day 382 | Musgrave roadhouse: first rest day for 10 or 12

Day 383 | Stewart River crossing: out alone for once

Day 384 | Exchange Hotel campsite, Coen: just down by the creek

Day 385 | Archer River roadhouse: more company for the evening

Day 386 | Wenlock River bushcamp: actually a billabong nearby

Day 387 | Approaching Iron Range National Park: another bush camp

Day 388 | Cooks Hut campsite: in the Iron Range National Park

Day 389 | Cooks Hut, Iron Range, NP: but been out and around

Day 390 | Pascoe River crossing: now that's a crossing

Day 391 | Wenlock River crossing: still on Frenchmans Track

Day 392 | Bramwell Junction roadhouse: with that night time generator pulse

Day 393 | Dulhunty River crossing: terrific campsite next to the water

Day 394 | Cockatoo Creek campsite: another day of 4WD action

Day 395 | Sam Creek crossing: Jardine River National Park

Day 396 | Jardine River, south side: a day watching hi-jinks

Day 397 | Jardine River again: no hurry when the shops are closed

Day 398 | Jackey Jackey Creek campsite: last solitary night for a while

Day 399 | Alau Beach so this is Paradise

Day 400 | Alau Beach: ain't moving

Day 401 | Alau Beach: fishy times

Day 402 | Alau Beach: Paradise? Almost

Day 403 | Punsand Bay: heading to The Tip

Day 404 | Punsand Bay: but now heading to Wilsons Prom

Day 405 | Bamaga: picked up by Andi and Susie

Day 406 | Bamaga: slipping in some island tourism for the day

Day 407 | Back to the Jardine River: out alone for once

Day 408 | Sam Creek again: but a nicer campsite this time

Day 409 | Cockatoo Creek again: and the music's pumping

Day 410 | Bertie Creek, Telegraph Track: finally on my lonesome again

Day 411 | 25 km from Moreton Telegraph Station: surprise, it's a gravel pit

Day 412 | Rocky Creek: off on another side track, way off

Day 413 | Pascoe River crossing: although not the usual tourist campsite

Day 414 | Wenlock River: actually right next to the water

Day 415 | 50 km from Coen: on a bumpy road

Day 416 | Coen camping: not the pub this time

Day 417 | 20 km from Musgrave: what a beautiful day

Day 418 | Nifold Plain: back here in Lakefield National Park

Day 419 | Old Faithful waterhole: Normanby River, Lakefield National Park

Day 420 | 10 km past Laura: finally off the dirt

Day 421 | Lakeland Caravan Park: hills, wind and someone's burning off

Day 422 | Spring Creek: just out in the middle of not much

Day 423 | Billabong near Lake Mitchell: civilisation beckons

Day 424 | Finally to Ray's place: little circuit to the north complete

Day 430 | Having a few days, a week, at Ray's: a big trip into Cairns

Day 435 | Tobacum Telephone exchange: mown grass, why not?

Day 436 | 4 Mile Creek: out on the Burke Development Road

Day 437 | Chillagoe Eco Park: time for a shower

Day 438 | Elizabeth Creek, Wrotham Park Station: a fine body of water

Day 439 | Lynd River: a campsite right next to the water

Day 440 | More Lynd River: with a campsite like this, what's the hurry

Day 441 | somewhere on Dunbar Station: halfway along the Burke Development Road

Day 442 | Mentana Creek: as good a spot as any

Day 443 | Gilbert River: perched high above the waterhole

Day 444 | Gilbert River: a day watching the crocs

Day 445 | Walker Creek: it's quiet here, so far

Day 446 | Karumba: time for some food and a shower

Day 447 | Aye Karumba!! Time out called

Day 448 | Even more Karumba! can't have too much

Day 449 | Back to Walker Creek: been here before

Day 450 | Burke and Wills Camp 119: but I'm not intending their fate

Day 451 | Another waterhole: somewhere on the Wills Development Road

Day 452 | Millars Creek: after a bumpy old day

Day 453 | Burketown: the best little caravan park around

Day 454 | Near Nicholson River: out on the Savannah Highway

Day 455 | Somewhere out there: quite remote

Day 456 | Lawn Hill Creek: never a dull time

Day 457 | Middle Gorge campsite: Boodjamulla National Park

Day 458 | Boodjamulla again: a 'rest day' spent walking

Day 459 | Miyumba Bush Camp: down near the Gregory River

Day 460 | Near Thornton River: except there ain't no water

Day 461 | Almost to the Barkly Highway: end of the dirt

Day 462 | 30 km from Mt Isa: just next to the old road

Day 463 | The famous Mt Isa: civilisation, of a sort

Day 468 | Mt Isa for a while: where would you rather be?

Day 470 | Near Yappo Creek: on a farm track near the road

Day 471 | Dajarra roadside stop: why not stay here?

Day 472 | Limestone Creek: what? more shooting?

Day 473 | Back to Boulia: but not much has changed

Day 474 | Boulia: a cold, wet, Grand Final day

Day 475 | Hillary Floodplain: basically just out nowhere

Day 476 | 40 km north of Bedourie: out on the plains

Day 477 | Just south of the Windorah turnoff: on the side of the road

Day 478 | 70 km north of Birdsville: still out nowhere

Day 479 | Birdsville: hey, that wasn't so bad

Day 480 | Birdsville: with the feet up

Day 481 | Blue Ute Bore: out on the Birdsville Track

Day 482 | Damperanie Creek: nice spot, hunh?

Day 483 | Mt Gason Creek: with swarms of small black ants

Day 484 | Kirrawadinna Creek: just over halfway

Day 485 | Mungeranie Pub: OK, I succumbed

Day 486 | Windy Mungeranie: howl, oh howl, you beast

Day 487 | Coopers Creek: but not the official campsite

Day 488 | Clayton Wetlands: I'm now official

Day 489 | Marree: no internet, so it's not civilisation

Day 490 | Just north of Copley: found a great spot

Day 491 | Leigh Creek Caravan Park: even lounge chairs here

Day 493 | Leigh Creek Caravan Park: good for 3 nights

Day 494 | Parachilna Gorge: near, but not under, humungous Red Gums

Day 495 | Bulls Pass Track: back on the Mawson Trail

Day 496 | Middlesight Water Hut: yup, the Hilton, just no service

Day 497 | Wilpena: back here again

Day 498 | Wilpena: the Eternal Return        

Day 499 | Wilpena: plentiful wildlife around

Day 500 | 35 km NW of Hawker: another creek bed

Day 501 | Almost to Hawker: "Holy Smoke" film camp

Day 502 | Near Death Rock: guess what? another creek bed

Day 503 | Warren Gorge: rockhopper territory

Day 504 | 12 km north of Wilmington: still on the Mawson

Day 505 | Melrose: over in the "bush camp" area

Day 507 | Wirrabara Forest: didn't quite make it to the official campsite

Day 508 | Bundaleer Forest: are those lights just down there?

Day 509 | Bundaleer Channel: hey, this campsite looks familiar

Day 510 | Hallett Railway Station: 2nd time around these parts

Day 511 | Hallett Railway Station: still waiting for the train

Day 512 | Old Mt Bryan East schoolhouse: even a free mattress

Day 513 | More hills, views, and, err, hill climbs as I head to Burra

Day 516 | Burra: the prettiest little town in South Australia

Day 517 | Sevenhill picnic area: sound familiar?

Day 518 | Rhynie Railway Station shelter: why not stop here?

Day 519 | Hill past Kapunda Rifle Range: but not in the firing line

Day 520 | 2 km north of Nuriootpa: looks pretty quiet

Day 521 | Near Steingarten vineyard: overlooking the Barossa

Day 522 | Near Birdwood: on the side of an unused parallel road

Day 523 | Dropping down to Adelaide: way down there

Day 528 | At Mary's in Adelaide: feet up

Day 536 | At Mary's: getting that old bike ready

Day 537 | At Mary's: don't think I like the sound of my voice

Day 539 | Onkaparinga Recreation Park: just out of the suburbs

Day 540 | Basham Beach Regional Park: I can hear the surf

Day 541 | Currency Creek: tucked away at the back of the picnic area

Day 542 | Wellington: that's South Australia, not New Zealand

Day 543 | Near, but not at, Greenings Landing: Murray River

Day 544 | 10 km north of Blanchetown: on the dirt road side

Day 545 | Near Lock 2: in a roadside rest area

Day 546 | Heron Bend Reserve: finally camping out by the river

Day 547 | Herons Bend Reserve: again

Day 548 | Lyrup Flats, Murray River NP: plenty of ants again

Day 549 | Calperum Information Bay parking area: feeling rather dampened

Day 550 | Rufus River: reviewing old trails

Day 551 | Rufus River: a Sunday off

Day 552 | Wentworth Ski Reserve: back at the river

Day 553 | Mildura: somewhere down by the river

Day 554 | Mildura: still lurking by the river after dark

Day 555 | Spences Bend: down on the ol' Murray

Day 556 | Almost Belsar Island: the day the world ended

Day 557 | Speewa Rd crossing: no trailing "h" down south

Day 558 | Pental Island: away from the roads

Day 559 | Benwell State Forest: some grass and the pegs even go in

Day 560 | River Track, Gunbower State Forest: near Wee Wee Rup Track

Day 561 | Ballieu Lagoon Reserve: far from the madding crowd

Day 562 | Edward River Bridge: it's National Park now

Day 563 | Almost Tocumwal: kipping with the throng

Day 564 | Kyffins Reserve, Lake Mulwalla: blown away

Day 565 | Howlong, Murray River: yeah, you can go on with the jokes

Day 566 | Bethunga Bridge: the tide is high in Lake Hume

Day 567 | Jingellic River Reserve: some company for the night

Day 568 | Khancoban: just nestled under a tree

Day 569 | Devil's Grip Gorge campsite: deep in Kosciuszko National Park

Day 570 | Geehi Dam NP campsite: all to myself except for March Flies

Day 571 | Just before Grey Mare Mountain: not where I should be

Day 572 | Grey Mare Hut: just camping outside to avoid the mossies

Day 573 | Near Round Mountain carpark: I can hear cars on the asphalt

Day 574 | A few kms from Adaminaby: last night in K National Park

Day 575 | Jindabyne: and a lovely cosy bed

Day 578 | Jacobs River, KNP: seems this is the last night in the park

Day 579 | Suggan Buggan campsite: this looks real familiar

Day 580 | Murrindal River: down in the valley

Day 581 | Bumberrah Railway Station (extinct): almost total civilisation

Day 582 | Thomson River bridge: just outta Sale

Day 583 | Agnes River rest area: and do I need some rest

Day 584 | Bass Coast Rail Trail: another day, another rail trail, or 2

Day 585 | St Leonards: wow, the last few days has covered territory

Day 594 | St Leonards: a week at the beach

Day 595 | Melbourne: that's the end of the road

Melbourne: organisation required

More Melbourne: catching up

Leaving Melbourne finally: up, up and away