Munda Biddi roller coaster blog: single track is the game

Wow. What a blast.

The Munda Biddi is one huge, fun, ride, with plenty of sweat, toil, and hardship thrown in.

Long single-track stretches. No traffic. Big Jarrah tree forest. Free accommodation. Big water tanks. Not many, often make that no, others on the track.


This blog is the random thoughts generated by a second look at the Munda Biddi Trail near Perth. Should be accompanied by a soundtrack of 3-dimensional huffing and puffing.

This trip took place during a couple of hot weeks between Christmas and New Year on my old favourite hard-tailed mountain bike.

Once up to Stromlo Road I stayed on the trail for a ripping, 5 km single track, a firm surface for once, all downhill, front-wheel sliding, (who cares?), ducking stray foliage, a face full of spider webs, and their spiders, rather too often, the best, most joyous fun for the trip, just unexpected after all the too much loose stuff downhills recently and followed by another 5 km of almost overgrown, near-horizontal single track. divider

Getting itchy for a ride: and work is closing down for 2 weeks

GJ in Perth

19 December 2010

Time is ticking down for an enforced Chrissy work break.

Christmas in Australia varies from what you might experience in the Northern Hemisphere.

It’s summer and officially the start of the summer holidays, 2 weeks break, or 3 for many. Boxing Day is the year’s busiest day on the roads as everyone evacuates the city and heads off to the beach house or a close grouping of tents.

Munda Biddi rollercoaster blog begins here divider

Reconfiguring the bike: ie, replacing smashed components with some that work

Grevillea mycumbene: what sort of place name is that?

Carinyah shelter: so where are all the other trail riders?

Wungong Shelter: Never alone when you have 20,007 blowflies for company

Dandalup Shelter: and not a bad spot to spend a night

Marrinup camping area: a few 2 strokes provide a holiday atmosphere

Bidjar Ngoulin: the prettiest little spot in the known universe, almost

Near Yarri: just plopping down in a pine plantation

Yarri Shelter: time for a rest day

Nglang Boodja shelter: and I've no idea what it means either

Just past Donnybrook: and I spend the whole afternoon in the shade of some trees in the park

Jarrahwood shelter: last shelter on the trail, almost the last of the trail itself

Nannup, I think: unless the rain stops then I'll head back out

In a forest somewhere on the way to Perth: last night out for a while

Home sweet home: then a proper bed to stretch out on

back a week: whadda ya reckon?

last thoughts: Munda Biddi ain't a summer trail