Training: that whole preparation regime

“The pain of discipline is nothing like the pain of despair.”

That’s the saying that’s been doing the media rounds here in Oz this week. Seems appropriate to keep in mind when preparing to embark on a 20,000 km ride.

Also seems timely to consider a training regime.


At the risk of appearing all too casual: none required. Actually I’ve been avoiding the bike in recent times.

Acclimatising to the bike for a huge trip is mostly about getting the hands and, err, posterior accustomed to long days in the saddle.

The hands have new flippers: Ergon GP1 Bio cork grips. My original GP1 silicone grips, acquired at Over the Edge cycles at Melrose early in my westward travels, proved immediate relief for long hours leaning on my (straight) bars, the extra width supports the palm of the hand, blah, blah, I’m sounding quite the advertising guru. With decent gel gloves hand strain has evaporated. The cork variety seemed to handle the hot weather of my recent Munda Biddi excursion adequately. The bar ends, no longer necessary, have been long dispensed with.

As for the remain seated department my trusty Brooks Flyer, complete with musical springs, is as comfortable for day on day riding as reclining in a leather couch. Combine with severely padded bike shorts and numb bum, or paralysis of the, umm, groin area are an unlikely scenario.

The regime has been stepped up.

The last few weeks has seen increased incidence of late nights, not quite excessive eating, and an attempt to get through the full five seasons of The Wire. Such indulgences will be highly rationed on the zzOz trip.

Yeah, when it comes down to it, I’ll settle for on the job training. There’ll be plenty of time for the pain of discipline once I set sail on my voyage.