The man has a plan: those who know me, don't laugh too much

There is a vast simplicity to The Plan. 

It does have certain issues however.

That route avoids major roads and even minor towns. It ventures through deserts and over water, ie the Gulf of Carpentaria. Better to point out that red line is just the concept, the actual route will be more like my usual drunken ant trail weaving all over the countryside. (And I can just about guarantee that little or no kayaking will be involved.)

A simple, but good plan.

Even an excellent plan.

Ambitious, certainly. Guaranteed to keep those pedals whirring for many a month.

Here it is: Australia by triangulation.




Part One: Make my way to the South West corner of the continent. (I’m down that way anyway.)

Part Two: Proceed to the North East point. (Sounds easy enough.)

Part the Third: Drop down the East Coast to the southernmost extreme, (which by then should have recovered from last week’s rain, 370mm, ie almost 15 inches, in 24 hours. They say it’s all downhill.)

From there it’s just a quick roll into Melbourne.

Perth. Cape Leeuwin. Cape York. Wilsons Prom. Melbourne.

That’s a plan, indeed, The Plan.

The nitpickers out there will no doubt point out the obvious: a four stage trip ain’t too much to do with triangles. Let’s just quietly call that last leg Part 3A. (I was never much chop with trigonometry.)

There’s a question whether riding 2 sides of a “triangle” has much to do with said triangle. (I’m not so keen to do the third side because I’ll just end up back where I am now.)

Others, non bike tourers, point out it would be rather more sensible to head along that third, unridden, side of the triangle, flying on Qantas, in fact most people think it’s far too far to even drive. They think I’d be nuts to ride even Perth/Melbourne via the direct route.

Well, it’s not that I’m not nuts but triangulation seems the way to go.

Actually, thinking about it, now it’s written down, it’s not much of a plan.

But it will do for now.

It’s more of a plan than when I headed west 2 years ago thinking at the time that I should state my intentions were Melbourne to Adelaide as I fled the city the day after the massive bushfires.

The same vague “rules” as that westward leg of the little adventure apply:

Avoid the highways

It’s about the journey, not the destination

Don’t rush

Make a Moderate Effort

I sense there may be more than just the average level of Moderate Effort required.

Part 2 of the trip may prove to be the “Little Adventure” I’m looking for.