Day 164 | second night at 8th Gorge: when you are having a great time ...

still camping

I wandered around the Jawoyn Valley with John who I met up with at 8th Gorge.

The valley, well actually the entire park, has a lot of unmarked sites with ancient art scattered around for the finding. John had spent a couple of weeks in Kakadu and Litchfield National Parks and had seen a bit of aboriginal rock art. In his opinion the art was as interesting here and there was much more freedom about looking at it. There’s none of the cages or tour guides that protect the really popular sites, like at Ubirr for instance. You don’t have to peer through people’s necks to check it out.

For some reason, probably that you have to walk in on a 25 km round trip to look at it, we came to the conclusion that maybe 10 people venture in here in a busy week. Maybe 200 a year.

We had it to ourselves for 7 hours.

Ain’t going to be like that further north.