Day 163 | I like 8th Gorge, Nitmuluk NP: and it's not because I'm walking for a change

off camping in the national park

So it’s 40 years since the moon landing, (a day later in Oz).

I remember sitting on the slightly dusty floor of the school hall at Campbell Primary looking at the black and white transmission on a small (by today’s standard) TV with the rest of the school. I do recall the famous ‘the Eagle has landed’.

The thing I remember the most was that I was incredibly uncomfortable on the floor. I always hated sitting on the floor for long periods and it hasn’t changed as I got older. Complete inflexibility of body. (Some ex-partners would also say of mind as well but that’s another story.)

On this trip I head straight for a picnic table when I can spot one. I’ll even share.

So it’s no surprise I’m not keen to go paddling up the Katherine Gorge for the day. After half an hour I think it would be agony.

I’m walking it.