Day 252 | off the bike around Roebourne: and down to the sea for a swim

rest day

A van had stopped on the road from Whim Creek a couple of days ago and a bloke called George had jumped out and given me a bottle of semi frozen water.

He reckoned the Roebourne camping ground was OK and there were a great group of people there.

I had been thinking of heading for Point Sampson with a detour down at the beach but he had stayed there and had moved as there were plenty of biting insects down there near the mangroves. Humm. With the zip to my tent now broken, a couple of nights ago I had been attacked by these varmints and my reaction was what those who have a career in architecture describe as “unsightly”. Big red blotches that itched for days afterwards. Yes, I could avoid that and have some much needed conversation.

So last night I had a big feast with George and wife Jilly, (who worked at the Roebourne Diner and rescued quantities of food about to be thrown out for the team), Jack, Brad and Marie.

Today most of us took off to the beach, (but not on the bike), with me travelling with Brad and Marie in a big air conditioned 4WD. For once the timing was right. At high tide the water was clear and quite delicious. But, no waves at all.

That was my first swim since Broome 11 days ago and as it may well be the last dip in salt water until the Southern Ocean near Perth I made the most of it and I stayed in for an hour.

And the water won’t be 25°C down there.