Day 245 | 16 km past Sandfire roadhouse: dreaming of a steak sandwich unfortunately the roadhouse cafe has burnt down

89 km | Heading west total: 10,965 km

I’m not surprised by the underwhelming response I’ve had to my initial family orientated blog. (That was a personal blog that I made before transferring it all to the more prominent CGOAB in Esperance, and later to this website.)

My father has been my main correspondent and he ain’t exactly prolific.

I’ve got a counter on a few pages so I can tell that a few friends and family have been following my travels. (OK, it doesn’t help that I haven’t had comments switched on.)

Perhaps to some degree there’s an issue about me taking so much time off work and not being a fully productive member of society but I have been in the past and no doubt will again in the future.

Motivation and a good work ethic have never been an issue with me. Believe me it does take some discipline to hit the road day after day.

Yes, daily work will come around only too quickly so I might as well enjoy this time while I have it.