Day 177 | 50 km to Garnamarr: back on the dirt

67 km | Heading west total: 7,772 km

It’s exactly one year since I left for my trip to bush walk around Stewart Island off the south of New Zealand and finally set in train events that changed my vague idea of taking a year off from work into a firm plan for riding my bike across Australia.

4th August is the official date for the end of my relationship with my ex-partner of 4 years, but in fact the end could be more accurately put down to the period of my solo bike ride over Easter 2008 (from Warrnambool to Bendigo, about 450km), it was pretty obvious that it was all over by then.

I’m not so worried by the loss of the 3 washing machines in 9 years. This time it was a complete clean out: I was left with 2 knifes, forks, plates, 1 pot, maybe somewhat less than half my CDs, a couple of towels, a single mattress, (but not the bed or table I had made back in the furniture days) . . . I won’t go on.

At least my clothes weren’t shredded.

I sure know how to make those gals mad.