Day 178 | up to Twin Falls for the day: scoring a ride with Graeme, Bernie, Tobin & Leonardo

another “rest” day

From the Garnamarr campsite there are two separate dramatic waterfalls to look at: Jim Jim Falls and Twin Falls.

This morning someone with a 4WD came over and asked if I wanted a ride up to the more inaccessible Twin Falls. There’s plenty of deep sand and a deep water crossing in this croc infested region. The family, G, his wife B, and the two teenagers T & L, was going to spend the day walking up to the pools above the falls and then take the boat trip to the base of the falls. They were leaving in half an hour which was long enough to scoff brekky and organise my bits.

It was a climb to get to the top of the escarpment and the swim at the top cooled things off nicely.

Later down in the gorge the National Park ranger in the boat raised a smile despite the obvious repeating of the same joke: ‘My name is Anthony and I will be your guide for the next 5 minutes.’ The boat ride is needed because the rangers have pulled 7 saltwater crocs out of the river so far this season. (Yesterday there was an altercation with a foreign tourist who despite warnings nevertheless dived in the river and refused to come out.)

Yet another spectacular gorge with 150 m high cliffs in the 1.8 billion year old sandstone: some of the oldest rocks in the world. The high falls fell in a delicate curtain at the bottom: quite stunning.

The team were nice low key people to spend the day with and it was a surprise to find we had spent 7 hours mucking around together at just Twin Falls.

There’s sometimes a case for not trying to do too much in a day: no Jim Jim Falls for me.