Day 10 | home sweet home Peterborough: but not before I soak up the tourist attractions

34 km | Heading west total: 422 km

There’s plenty to see in this part of the coast, after all it’s the Great Ocean Road.

Every few kms there’s a turnoff to another tourist sight.

How many times have I been around here in a car and missed many of those spots?

Now I’m following that Moderate Effort philosophy and I head to see them all: the Gibson Steps take you down a big cliff to the wild beach, the 12 Apostles of course, Loch Ard (my particular favourite, I spent 3 hours wandering around here), Port Campbell, etc.

At the end of all this it was great to catch up with old friends Ray & Trish. I stayed here a number of times with an ex-partner Helen, yes, that long ago. In fact it had been 10 years since I was last here. We had a great night with some red demolished and then a variety of Muscats and Tokays sampled.

Eventually I stagger to bed at about 1am.