Day 111 | daytrip to Ewaninga petroglyphs: gee, back on the bike again

77 km | Heading west total: 4,537 km

There’s a fair amount to see from Alice.

I’ve been through the West McDonnells on the tourist route but there is also a section to the east which has more to see. There’s a bit of a loop you can do that side as well.

Today I headed south to look at some ancient rock carvings on a day trip. These are more complex than the carvings at the Mt Chambers Gorge site I saw in the north Flinders Range. They don’t say when the Ewaninga petroglyphs were created but it was certainly many thousands of years ago.

They are chiselled into the flat sandstone rock but because of the angle of the direct sun they were rather hard to see.

Can I say almost impossible to see?

Oh, well. What else would you be doing on a Friday afternoon?