Day 109 | Alice again: I like Annie's Place

rest day

Met up with a French bike rider Sebastien of the more off-the-beaten-track type like me.

It’s good to catch up with people who are well adjusted to the same sort of punishment. No justifications or explanations are required. Sort of immediate family.

It seems I was following his tracks for a while on the road from but he went a slightly different route from Uluru than me which went via Palm Valley. Seb has traversed a whole number of difficult tracks (10k km I believe on dirt roads around Australia) such as the old Gunbarrel Highway and going up to Cape York on a previous bike trip 12 years ago.

He’s leaving for the Tanami Track on Monday which is the same day as me. We will probably share a few campsites on the way but I may well be a bit slower. Seb managed to find some 2.5 inch wide tyres here in Alice which will help a bit with crossing any sandy sections and I am going to change my back tyre into the same to help get a bit more traction.

There was a guy, Russell, here earlier in the month who is travelling on 4 inch wide tyres and made the 1150 km up the Tanami in 6.5 days.

You kind of think what’s the point at that speed.