Day 90 | swimming, sort of, at the Eringa waterhole: where's all this water come from

62 km | Heading west total: 3,389 km

I had a bit of a splash about in this lovely waterhole.

It was the site of the first purchase of a station by Sidney Kidman on his way to acquiring vast areas of Australia for his 90 cattle stations and becoming for a while, I’m told, the richest man in the world. He once had an auction that sold 3000 of his horses in Kupunda. The Eringa station house is now derelict and the land has become part of the 7,700 square kilometre Hamilton Station.

I had the place to myself, this kilometre long permanent water hole complete with resident yabbies and Golden perch fish. I got clean enough splashing about in the water but the calf deep mud getting out was another story. Eventually I worked out how to get it off without caking too much more on.

Should be great for my complexion.