Day 50 | I love Laura: the town, not the girl I have yet to meet

71 km | Heading west total: 1,932 km

Today I started to wonder about this trail.

I’d pushed my bike up some steep rocky sections of track to the top of another range of hills, gone through numerous gates and followed the trail through the forest. But I got to a gap in a fence and for the first time I was quite unsure as to where to go.

Someone’s done a lot of work marking the track. There’s generally 2 markers at each turn (one before the turn and one just after) and then a few scattered along the intervening parts to reassure you that you are going the right way.

The map indicated a right hand turn, the marker indicated a right hand turn as well, but there was only a single sheep track up the hill across an open paddock. Humm. Is that the way? Well I could always come back.

As I got to the top The Sound of Music was playing in my head. There weren’t even any sheep to be frightened by my breaking into ‘The hills are alive with the sound of music’, in my tuneless baritone. At the top there was another marker that pointed down the ridge following a fence. Not even a sheep track this time. Just cross country through the grass.

Somehow the images switched from Julie Andrews to Steve McQueen in the Great Escape as I bombed the kilometre down the hill following the fence.

A great day out.