if this is the practice run: then I'm in big trouble

14 December 2008

This is not the way to start a trip.

Just before Christmas 2008 I organised a shakedown ride: 31 days on a Melbourne to Canberra circuit.

Up the Snowy River through Seldom Seen, Suggan Buggan, Mt Kosciuszko, Canberra, back via Brindabella, Tumut, Kiandra, Tumbarumba, the NSW side of the Murray River to Echuca, then via Clunes and Baccus Marsh.

Just under 2000km.

I had been busy moving out of my apartment. Everything was in storage except for my bike and gear for the ride piled up outside. That seemed a mighty big mound.

Someone came and picked up my keys.

It started drizzling.

Oh, that’s now serious rain.

I’m now locked out.


In the busyness of organising my departure I had assembled the BoB trailer from its component parts but never actually attached it to the bike. Can’t be that hard.

Where’s that diagram?


Lean the bike against the fence. (I fail to notice the significance of the bike’s angle.)

Replace the rear quick release with the BoB version.

Line up the BoB, it’s a simple concept, the trailer dropouts just slip on the extended QR.

Only I’ve missed one side, the weight on the overloaded trailer twists the dropout steel and now I can’t get it off.

My glasses have misted up.

The rain is teaming down.

I’m getting steamed up.

I get down on the wet driveway to see what to do. There’s a puddle I didn’t see.

Totally soaked.

Well, one good point … the trip could only get better.