Day 213 | Wyndham, a night in civilisation: sort of

82 km | Heading west total: 9,547 km

It was probably more than a Moderate Effort to ride the 4km up the 330 m hill from sea level but the payoff was there: I had the place to myself until almost sunset.

You could make out each of the main rivers: the Ord which I came down to the east, the King which I was going to head up the next day to the south, the Pentecost which I was to travel the day after and the Durack that was a few days in the future over in the west. The Forrest was way to the north and the only one I didn’t have to cross.

It was quite like biking up Mt Ainslie in Canberra, (except I’d warmed up with 74 km earlier in the day). There were plenty of tourists in their 4WD boxes looking at the view by the time I left. I had the good sense to start going down before the sun finally went below the horizon so I had the downhill run to myself.

I can state conclusively that it’s way more fun whizzing down than grinding your way up.

It’s good to have your ears open for the interesting places to go when you are travelling.