Day 248 | umm, the Port Hedland wasteland: he camps in the very middle of town, hidden under a tree

114 km | Heading west total: 11,271 km

Having travelled about 600 km in the last week across what has been some of the most desolate country of the trip the town of Port Hedland appeared like a mirage from the distance.

The last 20 km was into a mind breaking headwind: the trucks became numerous and gusts from their wake brought me almost to a standstill. It was a hot 2 hour grind across the treeless plain.

Hedland isn’t going to win any tourism awards in the near future. In fact it’s about a bleak a place as I’ve been in my travels, it reminded me of a sea side town in Chile or Mexico. Antofagasta perhaps.

Won’t be hanging around here long.