Day 293 | day off at Deralinya Homestead: it’s Saturday but I’m taking it off

rest day 1

It’s a strange situation on reflection sitting here on the verandah.

With the road ‘closed’ there is little likelihood of having to share my accommodation with anyone else.

This homestead restoration is a hobby for someone: no one has actually lived here permanently since 1922. The farm was established in 1890 but it must have been a struggle for those 32 years. Eventually the door and window joinery and roof were removed and the place fell into ruin. Someone grading the road found the crumbled walls in 1986 and after 4 years of battling the authorities managed to obtain the lease to the area.

It’s pretty rudimentary: boarded up windows and secondhand iron on the roof but at least there’s a water tank and what’s more of a surprise a couple of beds, (one comfortable), and a couple of chairs, (again, one comfortable). It doesn’t matter that it is a little dusty. Well, plenty dusty.

No wonder I’m planning on spending more than one night here.


Sheer luxury.