Day 439 | Margaret River Cowararup Rail Trail: camping on a deep mattress of needles

distance? dunno for some reason

Margaret River has been flavour of the month for ten years or more and it’s not hard to see why.

The countryside is rolling hills with patches of remnant big trees and the occasional vineyard.

It’s way green.

I find a bike path for the short run across from Caves Road and suddenly it’s traffic city, BMW and Volvo 4WDs, I find they make a Porsche 4WD now, a Hummer goes by and has difficulty turning on the narrow town streets, it’s a huge stretch Hummer in fact.

In the supermarket it’s high heeled boots and designer glasses. Big time money.

Oh, well. I’m continuing with my austerity campaign and find another rail trail to lead me away from temptation. It’s only 22km long but it’s well enough off the Bussell Highway I can hear roaring occasionally in the distance.

Out in the forest the birds are singing loudly.