Day 438 | Point Road campsite Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park: not so much riding but plenty of walking

20 km | Heading west total: 15,745 km

Been 35 days since I left Esperance and it really feels a long time gone.

Something I noted when I first left Melbourne, you can fit plenty into each day. Not many distractions out here.

At work in Melbourne it was one phone call and urgent email after another. Long stressful site or client meetings, the day was gone and the work intended was shifted to tomorrow’s agenda. Or the evening, or weekend.

When it’s raining, or there’s hills, or a strong headwind, the days go on a bit.

After so long on the road there’s a good rhythm set up: cup of coffee and brekkie, pack up. Move along. Lunch never before 12, except when you have to, looking for a campsite by 5pm. Rolling into the tent before 7.

These days I appreciate being not so frantic trying to satisfy everyone else’s needs.

Just doing a lot of contemplation of the joys of life and easily satisfying my own basic requirements.