Day 416 | Arriving Bremer Bay: time (and weather) for washing and charging batteries

20 km | Heading west total: 14,834 km

Funny way to finally roll into town: the track just popped out on the beach between the sea and the inlet. Suddenly people were walking their dogs and cars were zooming around. Adjustment was required.

It’s been almost 2 weeks since leaving Esperance and the 500km has been through some of the most enjoyable territory of the entire journey.

Little traffic and the general avoidance of other travellers helps but the landscape has been most memorable.

Great camping spots by the water: Munglimup Inlet, Starvation Bay, Hamersley Inlet, Point Ann and even Gordon Inlet. It’s been great after a day in the saddle to have these campsites among the paperbarks. The camping has been uniformly terrific.

I’ve come to realise that those obscure dirt roads are sufficient of a physical challenge to keep me motivated. The least interesting sections have been the short stretches down the highway where you always need one eye in the mirror.

There’s just a stronger feeling of release, of freedom, trundling down unsealed roads. No pressure to make distance, more interest in maximising the experience.

In this sort of country that isn’t so hard.