Day 69 | to Mt Chambers Gorge: goodbye any seal for a few days

62 km | Heading west total: 2,438 km

I’m feeling serious today.

This was the first day after I finished the Mawson. The first full day riding on the unsealed road that will be the majority of the surface until I reach the Stuart Highway junction at Marla. That has to be about 970 km in all of which the section between Copley and Lyndhurst (stretching a full 33 km) is the only section that is sealed. I’d better like off-seal riding.

Anyway so far, so good. At least there’s not much traffic (a couple of 4WDs an hour) and that counts for a lot.

In any case that distance is only as far as I went on the full Mawson Trail. It’s not going to take 31 days though. I want to be in Marla in 19 days at the most.

There’s clearly going to be some bigger riding days coming up.

Yeah, I’m really in the dirt.