Day 70 | Mt Chambers Gorge again: it's worth another day

Climbed Mt Chambers in the morning and did a traverse of the long ridge. The huge cairn at the top I am reliably informed was built by the first surveyors back in the 19th century. Then after a scramble down the hill a walk down to a valley filled with ancient aboriginal rock etchings (apparently very much older than the Egypt pyramids) and then down the Mt Chambers Gorge which must be a sight when the creek flows.

On the way back I chatted to the other campers. The Victorian couple with their Range Rover wouldn’t come out of their tent because of the flies. Recently retired Lang and Elana? were very hospitable and insisted on me joining them for a magnificent chicken curry dinner as the sun went down. And chocolate.

So I walked the kilometre back to my tent by starlight, an interesting little adventure after a few glasses of wine: where is that tent again?

But also called in on David who was taking his two teenage grandsons Brandon and Cody for their first real camping trip. We sat around the fire and the damper was great.

David was teaching them a bit of life in the Outback. eg, what’s a dingo’s breakfast: a piss and a good look around.

Just about the best day of the trip.