Day 15 | blowing off to Sawpit: I finally give up on the commercial campsites

62 km | east to west total: 582 km

Good to take advantage of the change of wind back to easterly.

Of the small things that make a difference for someone on a bicycle the wind direction is high on the list.

Travel with the wind behind you and the miles just tick off. Push into it and be battered both physically and psychologically.

There’s no shortage of oxygen in these parts.

And today I headed past a couple of big wind farms to power all those city air conditioners. (Each turbine can handle 500 AC units when cranking at regulation clip.)

The excuse to stop one proposed wind farm in Victoria a few years ago was that the blades would kill some endangered species of parrot. You wonder how the politician kept a straight face.

Standing looking at one of those rotating sets of high rise sized blades I got the sense that it would be a pretty dozy bird that allowed itself to be sliced up.