Day 154 | Joe Creek picnic area, Gregory NP: I just can't get out of this park

86 km | Heading west total: 6,960 km

Well, cracked the 7000 km mark since leaving Melbourne today.

Seb pointed out that my computer wasn’t entirely accurate when we were travelling together. He preferred a more conservative reading on his.

Later on at Marella Waterhole I realised that it was only since I left Alice that I had been over estimating how far I went each day. I had changed the front tyre over and failed to modify the setting on the computer. (Each tyre has a slightly different circumference with different tread patterns and tyre depth etc.)

I’m still taking what the readout says is correct. Can’t argue with the readout from technology.

Something that can be certified is that I will be going through the 500 hour mark of sitting on that leather saddle with the wheels rotating tomorrow.

Now that’s the real achievement.