Day 264 | after 12 days it’s civilisation at Newman: actually it's a mining service town with limited civilisation

91 km | Heading west total: 12,288 km

It’s been 12 days since I left Karratha.

That’s a pretty long haul without a chance to refresh supplies. Travelling on the backroads I haven’t passed one shop, or roadhouse, in that time. (Or even a house for that matter.) Just the National Park Information Centre.

My arrival has been well timed: I ate my last breakfast this morning, and the last of the cake and cheese for lunch today. (Unbelievably low fat cheese lasts OK without refrigeration in hot weather for that long. Well, I’ve survived eating it to be more precise.) I drank the last sips of my Karijini water on the bridge 3 km from town.

So it was straight to the Woolies supermarket. It’s pretty big, in fact the only real non-takeaway food shop in this 1968 BHP company town. The $1.37 litre of milk was frozen solid though it didn’t take long to thaw. Pears and oranges.

It’s amazing how you come to appreciate the little aspects of civilisation.