Day 281 | Sullivan Creek: starting to get gold fever

94 km | Heading west total: 13,262 km

My friend Mr Burke finally sent an email neatly summarising my travels and making a generous offer.

“Hi Bike Boy, rumour has it that a kiwi crossed with a croc is making it’s way south, great big snapping beak, solitary and rude to tourists in 4WDs. Have just caught up on the blog, and feel like a little lie down, am exhausted just reading about the corrugated sand tracks, but could fire up the 4WD and pack the coldies. I am amazed at what a bit of juice in the pants can make a man transcend. Forget man on the moon, man in grotto delight, camel meets kiwi, Katherine, Jan and putting the Broome, no home duties, fig to Mr Commerce and moving on … I can pick you up Kalgoorlie at short notice for IOU on all future earnings.”

A tempting call to return to civilisation and the price seems quite reasonable.

Thanks for the offer but despite my love of large dogs, I’m just a little frightened of sharing a transcontinental van with that wolf Luca. (A large male German shepherd)

The story of him ripping the tracky daks off a passing stranger has made me somewhat wary of that beast. (As if eating my bike helmet and the straps off my trailer bag hadn’t previously.)

But I’m not finished with my travels yet.