Day 137 | at Caroline Pool bushcamp: 407km minus 17, ie, just 390km to go

17 km | Heading west total: 6,158 km

I keep running into the supported bike tour groups from ROC, or Remote Outback Cycle. They do, (now use past tense for that statement, ie, did), about 12 a year through some great country.

First it was the (Spencer) Gulf to Gulf (of Carpenteria) 30 day ride at Wilpena.

Then Ben running his tour around The Centre from Alice (and giving me an excellent feed of delicious roast chicken ‘soup’ at Redbank Gorge.)

Today it was the Cairns to Broome 45 day expedition along the Savannah Way. It would be kinda good to ride with some company and without all the bulk behind which in their case is carried in the truck and have the food all organised as well but, when I think about it, for me I’d probably find it all a bit constraining.

The riders have all have looked like they were having a great time though.