Day 266 | another hot day in Newman: Rest day 2

rest day 2

It is certainly hot again today and it’s also been blowing a gale from the east.

It was 42°C (107°F) on Friday and again yesterday. I heard a rumour that it might be cooler tomorrow but even if it dropped 5° it would still be bloody hot.

The washing has been done and all my batteries have been charged. I had a haircut: self imposed using clippers in the mirror (no longer the long haired hippy). I’m starting to run out of interesting photos to take in the town: not good to start repeating myself.

Looks as if I’ll hit the road tomorrow.

Humm . . . found out the supermarket is closed on Sunday, well most of Western Australia is closed on Sunday. I failed to stock up on Saturday so no big final feast here.

Somehow I can’t envisage me working here for any length of time.