Day 267 | heading to Ophthalmia Dam: just a bit of a detour, I'm no closer to Kal

21 km | Heading west total: 12,309 km

One of the great things about moving into a reasonable sized town for a few days is that I can pick up Radio National on my little radio once again.

For some reason it’s only broadcast in these small towns on FM frequency which has a very poor range: blocked by hills or just by distance. It must be also be broadcast on the longer range AM from some of the larger cities as I can often pick it up once the sun has gone down in a rather crackly kind of way.

RN has outstanding programs, I’m continually amazed by what I listen to and last night it was the remarkable and razor sharp Rachael Kohn’s religious Sunday evening hour.



Well, it’s religion in the broadest sense, she’s recently been running a series on the Seven Deadly Sins and finding out what various erudite and articulate folk have to say about them.

It seemed quite appropriate in this town where many are earning $100-$200k a year for driving big machinery and being flown to Brisbane or Melbourne every 3 weeks that the sin of the day was Envy. I guess I should have a lot to be envious about looking at the extraordinarily well paid predictable jobs and people with bulk materialistic appetites.

But I’ve generally had the attitude that the panel on the radio also came to: Envy is the least satisfying of any of those sins. For some curious reason I’ve felt Pity more often than Envy.

Get rid of the excess baggage and remember to live your life before it disappears.