Day 98 | out on the Luritja Highway: hey there's people out here

83 km | Heading west total: 3,921 km

Yes, the first cyclist in a long while. It’s been 3 weeks since I left Ena at Iga Warta.

The appropriately named Goh was cycling from Melbourne to Uluru and was just coming back from a side trip to Kings Canyon. It had taken him 38 days so far and he was going to get there tomorrow. (Its taken me . . . well . . . 92 days to arrive at the same point.)

He’s travelling light and only travelled on the sealed roads. His biggest day was 10 hours riding and 171 km. That sounds like hard work. (My longest day is still Day 17 with 6 hours 46 minutes to get from Portland in Victoria to Pritchards campsite on the lovely Glenelg River. That was 98 km but some of it venturing off the seal to the gannet colony at Point Danger and round the back of nowhere on Kennedy Road, my first major encounter with sand.

But for me seeing Goh was like the meeting between Stanley and Livingston.