Day 250 | camped at Bookingarra Creek: it's the middle of not much

108 km | Heading west total: 11,435 km

The map showed I could pick up water at Whim Creek.

I cranked in at 2 30 pm to find the only establishment there was a pub and it was
opening in half an hour. Good timing.


Chatted to a couple of NZers who had driven from Dampier for something to do on their day off: they were fitting new winches to a tug there.

Checked out a massive cage of colourful parrots.

Noted that this was the first place where I had seen air conditioners in the (huge) portaloos out the back.

Downed a couple of Carlton Mids: not too alcoholic and has a decent amount of flavour, my beer of choice out here. One certainly wasn’t sufficient.

Loaded up with water for tonight.

A couple of Japanese guys wanted a photo with me: they had driven the 700 km from Broome this morning. Gee, that had taken me 9 days.

It’s amazing how much you can fit into a bit over an hour.