Day 3 | In search of an affordable campsite: there's gotta be something cheaper than that!

67 km | Heading west total: 243 km

I biked into Lorne and went to a few campgrounds strung along the coast: somehow I found they are all owned and managed by the same company.

I could go on a bit here about the cost of a campsite for the solo traveller: “if you think $38 is too much, it was $50 last week”.

$38 times 7 is a whole lotta cash over a few months. It’s no deal, obviously.

Oh well, I’ll head for the Cumberland campground. I camped there a while ago with my now ex-partner. Maybe there will be too many memories. It turned out not to be an issue: $28 was the best they would give me.

Still way over the top.

The manager shrugged: your problem mate, he seemed to indicate.

But on a bike it’s not quite so easy to just move on 100km down the road. Despite some intermittent rain and a very dark sky I thought I would continue, there were a couple of hours of daylight left.

Eventually I spotted a not much used track heading up a small valley. I had stumbled upon the little advertised, umm …. not at all advertised, Jamieson Track campsite in the National Park. The only indication of it was a faded sign 100m up a 4WD track.

Free. That’s my kinda price.

It’s the middle of summer and I was the only one there.