Day 4 | a short hop into Kennett River: from a 100+km first day it's got to this

12 km | Heading west total: 255 km

I’ve been battling strong headwinds for the last 4 days: look, whitecaps out to sea.

Despite this the Great Ocean Road is quite magnificent: riding on the edge of the road, at height above the ocean, makes the most of the scenery.

There’s little traffic mid-week, just the odd car and stray campervan. This was in fact the plan. But it would be quite lethal heading the other way up being forced against the cliffs and with limited view.

Somehow I have to reign in my impulses to bike on furiously into this wind. I have a new theory of regarding my particular brand of Slow Travel: make the most of the places you go through.

This is the land of the koalas and while I have already spotted some I should really spend some time observing them more closely.

The situation is quite clear: take a break.