Day 132 | Purnululu NP Walardi camp: up to Echidna Gorge and down to the other campsite

49 km | Heading west total: 5,922 km

When Sebastien first mentioned Purnululu back at Flat Rabbit I will admit that I hadn’t heard of it.


He told me a story of meeting a guy when he was camping in the National Park 12 years ago far up the Piccanniny Gorge. After the long day’s walk in he arrived at the permanent waterhole campsite and was just about to take a drink from it when a tall naked man came bounding through the huge rocks telling him to stop immediately or he would be poisoned and die. Sebastien, as usual, ignored him and downed a litre or two.

Finding out Seb was French the Naked One, who turned out to be an architect, proceeded to lecture him on the merits of Le Corbusier, the World’s Greatest Architect, for 20 minutes but Seb was unimpressed, more worried by the groin area that was waving around uncomfortably close to his face.