Day 133 | Purnululu NP Walardi camp again: and a stranger appears

39 km | Heading west total: 5,962 km

Top ten in Australia: that’s Seb’s big call about a national park I have never heard about. I just gotta go, (even if it is 4 days solid riding into this little cul de sac.)

A few of Australia’s National Parks can boast one or two significant features: the Snowy Mountains, Uluru etc. Kakadu has a few as I shall find out shortly.

I can’t think of too many other parks that have 5.

Echidna Chasm is a crevice cut through 380 million year old conglomerate you walk through for about 500 m: 2 m wide with walls 200 m high.

Cathedral Gorge is terminated in a space that can only be described like an upside down funnel where the base of the cliffs are undercut and with a large (currently dry) waterfall entering into a permanent waterhole. The acoustics are superb.

The Domes are numerous, well, sandstone domes that are striped red and black and have a completely surreal quality.

Mini Palm Valley is a gorge with Livingstonia palms that terminates in a quiet grotto.

Biggest is the Piccanniny Gorge which has the Piccanniny Creek cutting through the sandstone with the walls again about 200 m high.

Each is awe inspiring. Together it’s quite the set.

Do I agree with Seb’s rating?

Of course.

I’ll stop raving about it one day, possibly.