Day 134 | out to the Purnululu Road turnoff: heading back again to Halls Creek

67 km | Heading west total: 6,029 km

This time we really are going our separate ways.

Seb’s heading up Piccanniny Gorge for a few days remote camping. Then he’s off to Kununurra to prepare for his adventure in the Drysdale National Park in the centre of the Kimberleys with a friend from France. It’s particularly remote, I’m not even sure how they will get in there.

I’m heading back to Halls Creek and taking an easterly route on the Duncan Road and Buntine Highway. At Kalkarinji I’ll have to work out if I head out directly to Katherine or take the more interesting 4WD track through the Gregory National Park to get 250 km of remote biking in before I hit the main roads again.

I’ll decide when I speak to a few locals about the track.