Day 131 | Purnululu NP Kurrajong camp: it's a great ride in despite the incredulous 4WDers

68 km | Heading west total: 5,873 km

Averaging about 11 km/hour for almost 6 hours indicates it has been a relatively tough day in the office.

(The 4WD road into Purnululu National Park is notorious for its corrugations, wiggly woggly trajectory and a few creek crossings etc. The reality is it’s not so bad on the bike, actually quite fun but you have keep your concentration to stop falling off the bike.)

Some off road camper types pulled alongside for a chat today on a pretty narrow road as I was moving along.

I had to say to them: “You know we have a lot of similarities … puff, puff … We’re all over 50 … pant … We all sitting on our arses all day watching the beautiful scenery … puff … And we all need the whole road to get along safely.”

Sometimes you just have to be direct.