Day 276 | 45km past Wiluna: but I made the most of the general store supplies

85 km | Heading west total: 13,006 km

Still on the weather.

I had to stop for a while this afternoon while a thunderstorm passed by.

Later, as the sky darkened, there was a massive lightning show on the horizon, so far away that the thunder wasn’t apparent to these deaf ears. (Well, it may have been drowned out by the buzzing of flies or the humming of the close by electric fence.) It was reminiscent of my youthful summers in Canberra with huge dry thunderstorms. There was always a crackle on the radio announcing the imminent thunderclap.

It might be a boy thing but I love the power in those huge booms with the ground shaking from the force.

Suddenly a huge W lit up a few kilometres of the sky. Slowly the storm front headed my way until the flashes were all around and the time between the lightning and the thunder claps was less than 3 seconds. For 10 minutes it seemed to hover directly above but then it seemed to be gone.

The rain bucketed down for half an hour.

Let’s hope it makes the ants start to swim away or drown.