Day 410 | Old Ongerup Road: and listening to kangaroos sprioonnggg into the fence at night

62 km | Heading west total: 14,645 km

Travelling along the coast who would have thought that water would become a Big Issue?

At least out in the arid regions you are prepared and carry plenty. This area has a few rivers but they have turned out to be as salty as the sea.

Hopetoun allowed filling up, which means loading up about 9 litres (2 gallons) aboard, sufficient for 36 hours but not enough for a second night out.

First campsite at Hamersley Inlet: none.

By the next afternoon the situation was looking grim. No traffic to cadge off, salty creeks but fortunately a deserted farmhouse just off the road came to the rescue with an old rainwater tank.

Next day some unsuspecting people in a caravan were delighted to be accosted. They’ve got to be good for something once in a while.

Then a deserted grain store had a water tank.

Somehow you get by. Panicking early seems to help.

A weather pattern has set in for the last few days. Misty rain in the morning and clearing up enough to stop in the afternoon.

Not ideal biking conditions, glasses are fogged up so I blunder along without them. A damp sleeping bag and wet tent that gets an airing when I stop in the evening.

So no shortage of water, just not in the ideal form to drink.