Day 92 | 20km from Finke: walking the bike for a while

38 km | Heading west total: 3,478 km

Adam Plate back at the Oodnadatta Pink Roadhouse warned me about today, in his rather off hand way. (When I asked him about travel via Finke his reply was that someone, can’t remember the name he mentioned, Jerome someone, went through by bike in 1896, ie, following the camel train tracks along the Overland Telegraph Line.) [Later I learned it was a mad Irishman with the improbable name of Jerome Murif.]

“Usually a bit of sand on that section of road, mate.”

Yeah, there was a bit.

I learnt something today. Corrugations across the road, like found on the Oodnadatta Track, means there is a hard surface under there somewhere.

If those lines go along the road, its a different story: the sand is bottomless.

The day had started well enough with the first 8km taking half an hour, but after that … Oh well, not a bad day to take the bike for a walk.

37km in 4.25 hours.

What else would you be doing on a Sunday afternoon?