Day 20 | from Coonawarra down to Southend: but it was a slow start

105 km | Heading west total: 950 km

Another day of Moderate Effort.

Seems those “inverted commas” have disappeared, where did they go?

I guess this sort of side trip is what makes a difference to having an extensive look around Australia. I saw a sign saying Melbourne was, from memory, about 430km via the direct route. I’d come about 870km at that stage or about twice as far. No wonder with all this wandering across the countryside.

Drinking wine at Coonawarra for the morning, and into the afternoon as well, is what this trip is all about. Don’t ever try more than 3 wineries if you want to bike much during the day.

That meant it was 2 30pm by the time I left Penola and the wind had switched from an unhelpful northerly in the morning to a not at all helpful south westerly gale into which I then had to bike for 75km. I looked at one stage to my speedo and found I was trundling at 10km/hour for a while.

Made it into Southend with the sun setting about 8pm.

Moderate Effort but max enjoyment.

A few days off now required to recover from the 350km trip from Portland over the last 4 days.