Day 19 | Blue Lake to Greenrise Lake, Penola: shazam, the lake has disappeared!

59 km | Heading west total: 845 km

Blue Lake in the early morning was iridescent.

Blue, oh so blue.

I do remember coming here on the great family holiday of way back. That intense colour hitting the retina bought back a few forgotten memories.

Plenty of folk out walking around the lake, both with canine friends and without, and suddenly I was in a town with traffic lights and both a Coles and a Woolworths. Not much to report except that I caught up with emails and eating.

I guess some days will tend to be like that where not much happens.

Greenrise Lake I was told disappeared about 10 years ago at the very start of the current drought. Still, a good place to camp.

It was free and there were no shortage of camping spots although I had to share with the sheep and their little pellets.